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Can an Alberta Personal Injury Settlement be Taxed?


Can an Alberta personal injury settlement be taxed? You need every cent of your personal injury settlement, so it's natural to worry about who might come looking for a cut of your money. Fortunately for you, the Canadian Revenue Agency won't be one of the parties who do. Here's what you need to know about how the CRA treats personal injury settlements. The Law is Very Generous Every part of your settlement is protected from taxation. This includes your pain and suffering award, the damages to repair your motor vehicle, and your lost wages or loss of earning capacity monies. As long as this...

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Can a Personal Injury Claim be Reopened?


Sometimes the lawyers at our office get asked whether a personal injury claim can be reopened. It depends on what you mean by "reopened," and why. "It depends" is a standard lawyer answer, but it's also true. There are many cases where neither party will be able to reopen the case for any reason, but there are always exceptions. When can the Plaintiff reopen a case? For the most part, plaintiffs can't reopen a case if they've received some sort of settlement. In the vast majority of personal injury cases, plaintiffs do receive some form of settlement. The question is always whether they...

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Personal Injury Lawyer- The Legal Doctor for Your Injury


Do you know a Personal injury lawyer is a legal doctor for your injury? Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to a victim of a physical and psychological injury due to the negligence of another person. The law they practice is known as tort law, and they are also known as “Trial Lawyers.” Calgary personal injury lawyers are known to be very knowledgeable and passionate about their clients. Despite the type of serious injury you’re in, the Calgary lawyers will work hard to determine your steps and claim a proper amount of compensation. With an experience of nearly 25 years, Calgary...

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When is it Time to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Do you have any idea about When is it time to contact a personal injury lawyer? One of the biggest sources of anxiety we see in personal injury victims is a certain unwillingness to contact a personal injury lawyer before they "should." These same victims are often quite unsure as to what "should" means and are often misled on this point by all manner of parties, including well-meaning family members and friends. More of then than not, people wait far longer than they "should" to contact a personal injury lawyer. Here's the reality: you should call one the moment you're medically...

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