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7 Tips for a Safe Walk in the Cross and Sidewalks


Walking is more reliable than driving. It is right in some way but not always right. You can have an accident while you are walking on the sidewalks. However, if you follow some basic safety rules, you may stay away from the unexpected. So lets see some tips for a safe walk in the cross and sidewalks

7 Tips for a Safe Walk in the Cross and Sidewalks

Use Crosswalks

Crosswalks are for your safety. Therefore, cross the street every time through designated crosswalks or intersections. Before you plan to cross the street, make sure that you see the crossing signals. Moreover, pay attention so that you can look for the walk and do not walk signs.

Avoid Jaywalking

The song “jaywalking” may sound appealing. However, the act is appalling. Thus, always avoid jaywalking or randomly crossing the street. It is not only illegal but also dangerous. If it is necessary, wait for the traffic to slow down and walk. Make sure the drivers see you crossing.

Make yourself visible at night

The most common reason for the nighttime pedestrian accident is low visibility. If you are not visible enough to the driver, they can run over you. Therefore, the easiest way to increase visibility is by carrying a flashlight. Additionally, wear bright and reflective clothing while you are walking at night. It is essential for night joggers. Thus, get some reflective running picks before you hit the road. By following some pedestrian crossing rules you can easily avoid some common accidents.

Let there be light

If it is necessary to walk or jog, make sure you are in a well-lit area. It will ensure your safety not only from vehicle accidents but also from intruders.

Look at the eye

You have heard this before any professional interviews. Some of your friends probably get the job because of this gesture. This eye contact reflects you are aware. It is essential for both the office and the street.

While crossing the street, look at the approaching driver’s eye. It will make sure you both see each other. Moreover, the driver will have a mental preparation to stop the car if necessary. Eye contact is also necessary while you are passing a stopped vehicle. If the driver sees you, he/she will not crank and go.

Distraction is deadly

Replying a phone call or text wait until you are on the other side of the street. The cellphone itself is the primary cause of any pedestrian accident. It is responsible for some big wracks also.

Be aware of your surroundings while you are walking on the sidewalks or crossing the streets. Looking at the phone screen will distract you from eye contact, and the result could be fatal.

No sidewalk? No worries, there is a way

If there is no sidewalk on the street, walk at the side towards the incoming traffic. It will make sure the approaching drivers can see you and be prepared to stop.

Few things to keep in mind while you are on the walk

  1. Do not expect drivers will give you the right of way. Be vigilant and make eye
  2. Do drink before going outside.
  3. Let a family member know where you are going.
  4. Call the cops if you see anything unusual, and
  5. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you are involved in a pedestrian accident.

If something wrong really happens you have the access to a personal injury lawyer, even you can settle an injury claim without a lawyer as well. 

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