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Do Cars Have Black Boxes?

Do Cars Have Black Boxes Featured Image

We all have heard about black boxes on the airplane. It records and saves flight data and other essential flight information for future reference. Perhaps you already know about it but wondering—do cars have black boxes? As the technologies are developing, automobiles are getting better. Many car manufacturers are installing an “event data recorder,” which works like a black box. This article finds interesting facts and everything you need to know about black boxes in cars. Let’s get started. So, Do Cars Have Black Boxes? The answer is debatable whether cars have black boxes. As some old cars don’t include one, these turned mandatory in...

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What Happens if You are a Victim of Distracted Driving Alberta

What Happens if You are a Victim of Distracted Driving Alberta Featured Image

According to the CAA, around 1.6 million crashes occur annually due to mobile phone use while driving. Also, most Canadians say that texting while driving is no#1 threat to their personal safety on the road. Undoubtedly, mobile devices are essential, but using them while driving may distract you, causing a severe accident. For this, the government created laws and restrictions for drivers while driving, also known as the "Traffic Safety Act." In this article, you will learn about everything you need to know about distracted driving in Alberta. What is considered distracted driving in Alberta? Distracted driving includes different activities such as using your...

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Involved in a Car Accident Caused by Traffic Lights? Know about Traffic Signal Car Accidents

Involved in a car accidents caused by traffic lights?

A car accident caused by traffic lights is rare but may occur to anyone. Although such an unfortunate situation is undesirable, knowing the consequences is a plus point from legal aspects. You might be involved in a car accident caused by malfunctioning traffic lights. Let’s know your available remedies and what to do in a situation like that. Car Accident Caused by Traffic Lights – Explained Car accidents may happen due to poor conditions or traffic lights malfunctioning. Surprisingly, the ratio of car accidents caused by malfunctioning traffic lights is increasing at an alarming rate. Generally, an accident causes by the mistake of drivers....

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Who is at Fault in Parking Lot Accident

Who is at Fault in Parking Lot Accident

It is a safe bet to assume you have recently been to a parking lot. I'm sure you remember how confusing and annoying it can get, especially when it is crowded. Often people appear out of nowhere, and you have to screech to a halt. You may have even been involved in a parking lot accident if you're unfortunate. If that's the case, you may be wondering who is at fault in a parking lot accident. This article will seek to answer this question while also informing you on how to best deal with this situation. Read on to learn more! Parking...

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What Will Be the Impact of Self-driving Cars in Canada?

What Will Be the Impact of Self-driving Cars in Canada Featured Image

A self-driving car is still a dream for the future world. Did you ever think about how the experience will be when your co-driver is a computer beside you? This is just so amazing when you think of it. The future is running toward automated driving cars because technologies surround us. We are enamored with technology. Whether traffic, commuting, road rage, environment, or economics- we want to solve these problems using technology. So the self-driving car is not a dream anymore; it can be one of the finest useful things to use. However, we need to know the impact of self-driving cars...

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