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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Calgary


This article is about pedestrian accidents Calgary and other accidents. There are few accidents more destructive than collisions between cars and pedestrians or cyclists. These accidents cause profound injuries that can impact you for the rest of your life. Some of these injuries can even cause lifelong paralysis or brain damage.

The law allows you to receive compensation for your injuries, lost work capacity, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Yet this only happens if the negligent driver is held properly accountable.

The insurance company will be doing everything they can to avoid paying you, up to and including trying to pin responsibility for the accident on you. If they can prove you weren’t following traffic laws they may be able to get away with paying you nothing at all.

We also help the spouses, parents, and children of individuals who are killed in these accidents. Our team of wrongful death can’t replace your loved one, but the money we secure for you can help your family get back on their feet again, covering the severe financial losses which can often come with such an accident.

Don’t fall for insurance company dirty tricks.

The first concern after any accident should be getting medical attention. Yet you should think about hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in Calgary as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so.

Your lawyer can file your claim for you, and may keep you from making mistakes which could be devastating to your case.

This is important, because the driver’s insurance company may try to lure you into making those mistakes. They may try to interview you, asking leading questions which ultimately undermine you. They may mislead you into thinking you won’t get compensation if you don’t sign certain statements.

When you secure a lawyer you can refer the insurance representatives to them, and you can focus on healing.

Meanwhile, your lawyer can focus on building your case, and there’s a long fight ahead. The insurance company will turn their attention to claiming that you were the cause of the accident. Do not think that courts automatically side with pedestrians and cyclists. There are many cases where pedestrians and cyclists have been denied compensation because the court found them to be at fault.

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Now you must know what you should do if occurred pedestrian accidents in Calgary. Few pedestrians or cyclists recover funds without help. When they do, it’s usually a very low settlement that doesn’t cover more than a fraction of the expenses generated by the accident.

We can help you recover far more money than you’d recover on your own, even after you account for lawyer’s fees. You also won’t owe us any money upfront. We work on contingency: we don’t get paid until you do. We work hard to establish the facts of the case and to prove the impact the negligent driver has had on your life.

All this means you can be assured we’ve got your best interests at heart. We have some of Calgary’s most experienced, toughest, and most well-renowned lawyers here in our office. Why not put one of them on your side by calling (403) 669-3393  to schedule an appointment?

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It all starts with your consultation. Make an appointment with us and we’ll sit down to review your case.

We work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. Remember, you stand to gain up to ten times as much money as you might have gotten on your own. Just contact our office now to get your evaluation.


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