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Injury Lawyer of Calgary respect riders like you. We understand the unique challenges you face after a motorcycle accident. Call a professional motorcycle accident lawyer in Calgary as soon as you’ve received medical treatment and let us deal with the insurance company for you. We’ll handle everything: claims, discovery, and the negotiation process that will get you a fair settlement.


If we can’t do that, we’ll take the matter to court. Our top team of tough litigators will fight for your rights.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries


Most riders end up with severe injuries after their motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents often result in:


  • Long-term motor dysfunction.
  • Brain trauma and head injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Damage to major organs.
  • Paralysis.
  • Neck and back injuries.


Some of these injuries will be life-altering. They may keep you from going to work in the future. They may require months, even years, of expensive rehabilitation care that Medicare just won’t cover.


Many motorcycle accidents also result in the death of the rider. When that happens, we help the parents, children, and spouses of these victims get the money they need to survive the death of their loved ones.

Winning Your Case


Riders have two hurdles to overcome. The first is stigma. Riders are often blamed for accidents even though an overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the drivers of passenger vehicles.


The second is that we’re likely to need to piece together the facts of the case. Few riders are in any position to collect evidence on their own behalf after the accident. They’re usually dazed, confused, or even unconscious.


Meanwhile, the defendant has plenty of time to gather evidence and spin a narrative, one that benefits their side. Remember, their number one goal is to get the court to agree the accident was your fault so they don’t have to pay. They want you to shoulder all of your medical bills and lost wages alone.


Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience working with these limitations. Our team of investigators can help nail down the facts of the case. We can prove that the other driver’s negligence caused the accident and that the driver is responsible for compensating you for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

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We’re known as some of Calgary’s toughest litigators, and have over 20 years of experience with cases just like yours. Insurance companies know our lawyers and know they lose when they toy with our clients.


In fact, most of our clients come to us via referral, because our previous clients have been incredibly happy with our services. Hire us because we are responsive, skilled, and caring.


We tend to get our clients far more than they could possibly get on their own, and we do it all on contingency, which means you don’t need to come up with a retainer to hire us. You can get the representation you need by calling (403) 669-3393 and requesting a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.




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