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What Compensation can You Gain from Your Accident-Related Chronic Pain?


What is Chronic Pain?

It is a long-lasting medical condition. This condition can affect your life’s quality, your relationship with others, and workability. Any accidental injury can lead to chronic pain. However, the most common accidents triggering chronic pain are motor vehicle collisions as well as slip and fall claims.

According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, chronic pain will last beyond the term of painful stimulus or an injury. Any unidentified pain or pain associated with degenerative diseases is considered chronic pain.

Is Chronic Pain common among Canadian people?

Yes, chronic pain is widespread among people. Around 17% of Canadians, aged 15+ has chronic pain or discomforts. Another study shows the number varies from 10 to 55%.

Elderly and women are more susceptible to chronic pain. Therefore, it is evident that chronic pain is widespread among Canadians.

Is Chronic Pain a major injury in an accident?

Yes, chronic pain because of an accidental injury is a major one. According to Alberta’s Minor Injury Regulation, it is not a minor injury. Moreover, the damages of the accident victims with chronic pain do not fall under the minor injury cap.

Therefore, you can claim more than $4,700 if you are suffering from accident-related chronic pain. If you have car accidental insurance then there is a high possibility of getting help from them. However, you can assess and gain more financial compensation if you hire one of the reputed personal injury lawyers of Calgary. Contact, and we will do it for you.

What are the differences between Chronic and Acute pain?

Acute pain usually persists throughout the healing processes. This means acute pain will disappear after the injury is fully healed. The pain remains in a particular part of the body. Additionally, acute pain is an indication of underlying injury.

On the contrary, Chronic Pain can appear after the injury is healed. Unlike acute pain, it is not localized and does serve any practical purpose to indicate any damage. Chronic pain is more severe than acute pain.

Moreover, it creates more hindrance in our regular life than acute pain. It can affect any parts of your body and make your life miserable. The most frustrating thing about chronic pain is there is no specific reason behind it. Sometimes, treatments do not work to heal the pain.

How can I claim for accident-related Chronic Pain?

First, go through all the necessary medical procedures after the accident. Later, keep track of your pain and suffering. Your medical professional may help you to track it. When you think you are feeling well enough to talk contact

We are the most trusted personal injury lawyers of Calgary. Our clients not only receive detail about their claims but we put our hard and soul efforts to get them the maximum financial benefits. The experienced lawyers will talk to your health professionals and assess your case.

If we found you have a valid claim, we will take care of everything. You do not have to worry about the negotiation with the opposite lawyers, insurance adjustor, and even court clerk. While you are recovering from the trauma, we will ensure you gain the most for your pain.

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