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When you are in an accident there are three things you should do, in order.

The first is to gather evidence if you’re medically able to do so. The second is to get medical attention. Finally, the third is to call a lawyer, preferably as soon as you’re medically able to do so.

Why? Because you can bet the other party’s insurance company is already in touch with their lawyers. They’re already drafting up a strategy designed to ensure they pay as little as possible.

This strategy could include everything from trying to claim the accident was your fault to trying to convince you to sign documents you shouldn’t sign, accept offers you shouldn’t accept, or make statements you shouldn’t make.

The Purpose of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You can feel perfectly comfortable about taking advantage of it.

After an accident you will typically have medical bills Medicare won’t cover. You may also need years of restorative care. Medicare doesn’t cover that either. You may suffer from property damage and many people find they can’t work while they’re recovering.

In addition, if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence then the law believes they should compensate you for that pain and suffering. If the injury was a result of especially reckless or egregious actions the law also believes they should pay punitive damages so they will be discouraged from acting that way ever again.

In short, personal injury law exists to “make the victim whole.” While your body and career may never be the same again, the goal is to restore you to the same financial state you were in prior to the accident.

People who try to go it alone tend to get very low offers that don’t cover a fraction of these expenses. A personal injury lawyer exists to help you protect your rights.

The Process of Personal Injury Law

After we decide to take your case we will file a claim with the appropriate insurance company, if you haven’t done so already. Ideally you’ll call us directly after the accident and won’t deal with the insurance company at all. This is because their agents will be trying to trick you to avoid having to pay as much as they should.

We will then engage in a process known as “discovery.” This is the process of gathering all the evidence pertinent to your case. It also involves depositions: a preliminary round of questions that goes on the record and which may be brought up in court later if your case goes to trial.

The discovery process lays the groundwork for settlement conferences and negotiations because it tends to reveal the strength of each side’s case. From there, your lawyer will try to negotiate a fair settlement, one that will cover all your costs even after your lawyer’s fees are paid.

Some cases don’t settle, and they go to trial. There, we will argue your case before the jury in the hopes of bringing you justice.

Take Your Next Steps

It all starts with your consultation. Make an appointment with us and we’ll sit down to review your case.

We work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. Remember, you stand to gain up to ten times as much money as you might have gotten on your own. Just contact our office now to get your evaluation.




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