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Can You Go to Jail if You Hit a Pedestrian with Your Car in Alberta

Can You Go to Jail if You Hit a Pedestrian with Your Car in Alberta Featured Image

Alberta has a major issue with pedestrian accidents. Here in Alberta, a pedestrian gets into an accident with a motor vehicle almost every day. Can you go to jail if you hit a pedestrian with your car in Alberta? In over half these crashes the driver is considered to be at-fault for the accident. Common causes include failing to yield the right-of-way, making an improper turn, backing out of a driveway in an unsafe way, or running off the road. Yet in most of these cases, drivers do not go to jail. That doesn't mean it's outside the realm of possibility, it...

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What Happens if You Hit a Pedestrian in Canada?

What Happens if You Hit a Pedestrian in Canada Featured Image

Accidents between drivers and pedestrians are deadly serious. They're also quite common in Alberta, with the highest number of accidents occurring during the month of November.  What happens if you're the driver of a car that hits one? Many drivers fear that hitting a pedestrian will result in jail time, but this isn't usually the case. Here's everything you need to know about being the driver who hits a pedestrian in Alberta.  What should you do if you hit a pedestrian? Immediately call 911 to get the police on the scene, as well to get medical attention for the injured pedestrian. If you...

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Pedestrian Hit by Car Average Settlement

Pedestrian Hit by Car Average Settlement

Walking on the street should be a safer practice than driving any motor vehicle. As a pedestrian, you do not want to leave your house with the fear of facing pedestrian accidents. However, thousands of pedestrians get hit by cars or other heavy vehicles on the road every year across the world. So, today you will know about the average settlement for a pedestrian who hit by a car If you are a pedestrian hit by a car in a crosswalk, you may want to seek lawyer support as soon as possible. It is because you are eligible to claim car...

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Pedestrian Crossing Rules & Safety Tips in Canada


Pedestrian Crossing Rules & Safety Tips in Canada is an essential factor that everyone should know about. Researches indicate that pedestrians are involved in 15 percent of deaths on the road in Canada. That is why road safety is the top priority for many of us. But many people may not know the rules regarding crossing the road. If you are one of them, then this article is perfect for you. We all work together to keep our road safe as a noble citizen. And obeying the rules and regulations of the road is the easiest way to stay safe. Pedestrian Crossing...

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