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Pedestrian Crossing Rules & Safety Tips in Canada


Pedestrian Crossing Rules & Safety Tips in Canada is an essential factor that everyone should know about. Researches indicate that pedestrians are involved in 15 percent of deaths on the road in Canada. That is why road safety is the top priority for many of us.

But many people may not know the rules regarding crossing the road. If you are one of them, then this article is perfect for you. We all work together to keep our road safe as a noble citizen. And obeying the rules and regulations of the road is the easiest way to stay safe.

Pedestrian Crossing Rules & Safety Tips in Canada

There are strict pedestrian crossing rules and tips for safety for you to follow. Know the rules, and the tips will enable you to follow them and be aware. Every accident is tragic to all of us, primarily when it occurs to a child. And children of 0-14 are most prone to accidents.

That’s why it is our responsibility to learn more about the traffic rules and safety tips so that we can pass it on to our children. We don’t want to lose any more.

Pedestrian Crossing Rules

  • Ignore crossing a road in between parked cars or blocks. Cross at spaces designated for pedestrians for crossing to ensure safety. The designated areas are located in road intersections.
  • A pedestrian must look for the walking signal. When crossing the road, it is crucial to see the pedestrian light and wait for the green or walking signal to walk on to confirm your safety. Be observant of them; don’t walk signal. When the don’t walk signal is flashing, that means the pedestrian crossing period will soon be over.
  • Do not walk when the red light is on, and it is the same for a while. Walking while the red light is on is known as jaywalking, and it is illegal.
  • There has to be a guide or crossing assistance with a stop sign for school children to cross the road safely. Children are most vulnerable when it comes to cross the street because they are not aware of many things.
  • As a citizen, you have to make sure that no child is crossing the road without assistance. You may have to guide your child and help the children if they do not have crossing assistance from someone elder. Otherwise, pedestrian could get hit by car and cause serious accident.

Safety Tips

Here are some useful safety tips for people of all ages and parents for their children. Following these tips will allow you to be a bit more aware.

  • Before crossing the road, show your arm and hand to indicate the driver that you are crossing the street. You can also make eye contact with the driver when all cars are not moving. And when the traffic is stopped, you can cross the road.
  • It may be challenging for motorcycle riders to see you when the weather is bad or when it is dark. If you observe a motorcycle, then try to be more visible. In many cases, bright color clothes help.

Safety Tips for Parents

Explain to your children ways to cross a road for staying safe. Guide them to:

  • Please stay by the side of the road; they are safer when they are walking far from the traffic.
  • Stop at the end of the sidewalk, then have a look at both ways before crossing the road
  • Be very careful with the road that does not have any curbs
  • Look out for corners with no way to understand from where a vehicle may arrive. For example, there is an alley from which a car may arrive suddenly, and since you don’t see what is coming, it can be a bit hazardous.

Important Factors to consider

Every day someone is probably injured or dead in a road accident. Road accident is a universal issue, but the street is something that we come across every day. Being more attentive can be a very useful solution to avoid road accidents.

A pedestrian always has to be on the lookout. Sometimes, hiting a padestrians by the car is not the fault of pedestrians but the driver. You cannot expect that all drivers will drive sensibly at times. Drivers get clumsy because of overwork. In that case, it is you who have to stay on an extra lookout.

May be the drivers might end up in jail for hiting passersby but you or your close one could loose their valuable life indeed.

Sometimes an accident takes place due to drunk driving. In the case of a drunk driver, also you are the one who has to stay vigilant.

When you feel the necessity of safety on the road as a pedestrian, then as a driver, you can be responsible. To drive safe, it is essential to understand the safety issues from the sight of a pedestrian.

Final Words

No one wants to lose their loved ones, and many have faced the horrible consequence of road accidents. Every day there are accidents taking place. But now that many of us know the pedestrian crossing rules, the rate of accidents is reducing. But awareness does not have any limit. The more aware you are on the street, the safer it becomes for you.

In this article, we have provided some essential information for road safety. And we intend to provide all this information for you to be more aware. Stay safe, stay aware, and have a good day.

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