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Whiplash Settlement Amounts in Alberta

Whiplash Settlement Amounts in Alberta Featured Image

Whiplash is one of the most maligned and lampooned types of personal injury. People who suffer from whiplash are often characterized as money-grubbers who are "faking" pain and suffering to get more money. In reality, whiplash can cause a lot of problems in the average person's life, and it's almost impossible to "game" the system just to get a big personal injury payday. What are the symptoms of whiplash? One of the issues that can make whiplash so difficult to deal with is the fact the symptoms sometimes take a few days to show up. Patients think they're more or less okay after...

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How To Get a Criminal Case Dismissed?

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed Featured Image

If you have ever been charged with any criminal case, you might undergo the trial process. A criminal case can always cost you lengthy imprisonment, fines, or criminal records. Sometimes, while dealing with your case, all those strategies may seem difficult to you. However, knowing how to get a criminal case dismissed can save you from these extra hassles. In this article, you’ll know how to dismiss a case and how a criminal defense lawyer can help you in this regard. First, let’s know about different types of case dismissals. Forms of Criminal Case Dismissals: Generally, there are certain facts about the criminal case dismissals....

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Compensation for Car Accident Settlement in Canada

Compensation for Car Accident Settlement in Canada Featured Image

Are you injured in a car accident and have no idea about how the compensation for car accident settlements works in Canada? If so, you have arrived at the right spot that will clarify all your doubts. Car accidents injuries are one of the most serious and life-threatening injuries which can completely change one's life within a blink of an eye. And do you know what's even worse? Right after the accident, you have to deal with huge stacks of medical expenses along with negotiating and dealing with the insurance companies. At that moment, the person who can be the true savior and...

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Constructive Dismissal Alberta

Contructive Dismissal Alberta

Are you in a conflict with your employer? Are you being unfairly treated? Did they change the terms of your employment agreement without consulting you? Do you believe you are being coerced into resignation? If you answered positively to the queries mentioned above, you are facing constructive dismissal. Is that a term you are familiar with? If it’s not, do not fret. We will help you understand what is constructive dismissal Alberta and how you can deal with such a situation.   What Constitutes Constructive Dismissal in Alberta?   The term constructive dismissal refers to the act when an employer intentionally changes or breaches an...

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Car Accident Settlement Payouts Alberta

Car Accident Settlement Payouts Alberta

When it comes to a car accident, the person's physical, mental or financial stress is indescribable. Along with this, the settlement fight can throw you in deep water. That is why you must be prepared to face any situation. Car accident settlement payouts Alberta needs time, money, and help from experts. How does it work in practice? This guide will explain the whole process with details on the timing of the compensation and information relating to the calculation. What Steps to Take after a Car Accident? Whatever the type of accident caused or suffered, you should take the necessary steps with your insurer. This...

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