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Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts in Alberta

Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts in Alberta Featured Image

Slip and fall injuries can lead to a wide variety of settlement agreements. Some are worth no more than a few thousand dollars. Others can be worth over a million dollars. It is up to your lawyer to negotiate the best settlement they can possibly get for you. Here's what you need to know about Slip and fall settlement amounts in Alberta and how it works. What is the average settlement for an Alberta slip and fall? There truly is no such thing as an average settlement. Everything depends on the facts of the case. A settlement is determined by the extent to which you were...

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Whiplash Settlement Amounts in Alberta

Whiplash Settlement Amounts in Alberta Featured Image

Whiplash is one of the most maligned and lampooned types of personal injury. People who suffer from whiplash are often characterized as money-grubbers who are "faking" pain and suffering to get more money. In reality, whiplash can cause a lot of problems in the average person's life, and it's almost impossible to "game" the system just to get a big personal injury payday. What are the symptoms of whiplash? One of the issues that can make whiplash so difficult to deal with is the fact the symptoms sometimes take a few days to show up. Patients think they're more or less okay after...

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Alberta Wrongful Dismissal Settlements

Alberta Wrongful Dismissal Settlements

Coping with Covid-19 has been difficult in every sector. The financial sector has taken the second biggest hit after the health sector. Many lost their jobs. While some may have seen this coming, some were dismissed wrongfully. This is a common problem even before Covid-19. Whatever the case, wrongful dismissal is not a pleasant situation. It is usually seen in companies where the relationship between an employee and employer is strained. If you find yourself in such situations, what should you do? You can seek justice. For example, if you are in Alberta, find out about Alberta wrongful dismissal settlements. Or, you...

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