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Alberta Labour Board Wrongful Dismissal

Alberta Labour Board Wrongful Dismissal Featured Image

Have you been dismissed from your job? As employment is so vital to the survival of most people, Alberta law and federal law have laid out specific protections outlining when a person may be dismissed from their job.  In certain cases, you may be entitled to compensation for damages in the event that you are wrongfully dismissed.  What qualifies as wrongful dismissal? A wrongful dismissal occurs when: An employer fails to give proper notice or a proper severance payment when terminating your employer. In a case where an employer has violated your employment contract, if you had one.In a case where an employer has dismissed...

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Constructive Dismissal Alberta

Contructive Dismissal Alberta

Are you in a conflict with your employer? Are you being unfairly treated? Did they change the terms of your employment agreement without consulting you? Do you believe you are being coerced into resignation? If you answered positively to the queries mentioned above, you are facing constructive dismissal. Is that a term you are familiar with? If it’s not, do not fret. We will help you understand what is constructive dismissal Alberta and how you can deal with such a situation.   What Constitutes Constructive Dismissal in Alberta?   The term constructive dismissal refers to the act when an employer intentionally changes or breaches an...

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What is Wage Loss Insurance: The Definite Guide

Wage Loss Insurance

What is wage loss insurance for a person when someone is injured in an accident due to another person's negligence? Well, it's hard to understand without consequence. Let's see how the process works for the injured person or his family. You may notice a lot of families where the only person earns and gives full financial support. Think that this person cannot work now; who will provide financial support for this family? Or you are a single person, and you don’t have any family. When you will be unable to work, how will you manage money for meeting your basic needs? For...

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