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Auto Accident Lawyer in Calgary [Should You Hire or Not]

Auto Accident Lawyer

One auto accident is a disaster that opens up a series of traumatic events after it has occurred. Filing for an insurance claim, identifying the fault for the accident, hospital expenses, doctor’s appointments – all these tasks seem daunting when you’re being extensively treated with an injury. This calls for hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer, i.e., a person who gives car accident legal advice.

So, your first question should be…

Why do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Calgary?

An auto accident lawyer knows the procedures to help you with your post-injury paperwork, filing for the insurance claim, working as your formal representative, gathering information for the case, presenting your case at the hearing, and other important works.

When to Get a Lawyer for an Auto Accident in Calgary?

The best time to hire an auto accident lawyer is immediately after the accident had occurred. In case you’ve dealt with a severe injury that needs to be treated in a hospital right away, then you can revisit the problem later. It’s best if you can address the problem within 2 years of the accident.

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How Can a Lawyer Help with My Car Accident Claim in Calgary?

There are different ways a lawyer has to investigate a car accident claim. But all the cases require performing the following steps –

  • Establish communication with the insurer of the other party’s driver
  • Try to gather the essential evidence of the relevant case
  • Gather and organize all the medical records and bills
  • Gather the missing records from the health care insurance if anything seems to be missing out
  • Establish communication with the victim’s doctor in order to get definitive proof of your damage claim
  • Organize and present the documents that prove your liability and damages
  • Communicate with Lien holders about your accident claim, which may include health disability, wage compensation, etc.
  • Trying to arrange for a mediation between the two parties regarding the settlement for the accident. The negotiation may happen between the insurance parties or the defense lawyers of the two parties

There can be other steps involved depending on the complexity and the nature of your car accident case.

How Can I Be Sure About a Personal Injury Case after a Car Crash?

If you’ve been injured in a car crash that has been caused by an external person’s carelessness, then you have a car accident case in hand. The crash itself may seem confusing to you in terms of how it happened and who caused it.

So, an auto accident lawyer comes into contention in this kind of matter so that he can gather the best information and give the best decision based on the situation.

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Whom Should I Call First after an Accident – Auto Accident Lawyer or an Insurance Adjuster?

In any car accident claim, the insurance adjusters try to mediate the problem with the least amount of expenses involved to solve the case. Insurance companies have everything to gain with less settlement and more to lose in a proper sized payment. But that is not always possible when big claims are looming.

So, when you are involved in an accident, make sure to call a top-notch auto accident lawyer first and then work your way with the car insurance company’s representatives.

How Much does It Cost to File a Claim for a Car Crash Injury Settlement?

Most auto accident lawyers work on a contingency-based plan. This only means that they get paid with a good percentage of the settlement but only if they manage to win the case in a Provincial Court or the Supreme Court.

What Kind of Settlement Can I Get from an Auto Accident Lawsuit?

Auto Accident Claims covers a lot of areas that concern the victim of the accident, including – medical bills, rehabilitation costs, therapy costs, wage compensation, future loss of income, pain & suffering, and etc.

Besides, any harm to the spouse and children can be recovered later from the compensations awarded to the injured person. In fact, your lawyer can help you clarify whether your situation is applicable in this case.

Is It Okay to Accept the Insurance Company’s Settlement after My Car Auto Accident Injury?

Insurance Adjusters are the quickest to respond after a car crash and mostly so because their goal is to settle is for less than the estimated value and save more money. Usually, they try to settle the matter with an offer of less than 5% of the actual cost of damage. This is the only reason why you might expect an insurance adjuster as soon as you have a car accident injury.

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An expert tip – Do not deal with the insurance adjusters alone in an injured position. Seek the help of a personal lawyer who will genuinely help you get the maximum amount of money out of the insurance company for the motor vehicle accident injury which you’re suffering.

Is It Possible to Run My Own Car Accident Injury Claims? Do I Specifically Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Almost everyone wants to settle the injury-related claims and move on as quickly as possible. And because they’re doing it fast, most people tend to tackle all the issues – gathering evidence, investigation, organizing the documents, handling the legal issues, communicating with the insurance adjusters from the other party all by themselves.

Meanwhile, appointing a lawyer will help you get all these services to be done swimmingly, and his focus should specifically be on winning you as much money as possible from the injury claim.

Besides, while you’re in the hospital fighting an injury, the defendant’s lawyers, injury adjusters, and investigators will be eyeing for taking advantage of your situation by settling the injury case with the smallest compensations.

And so, your auto accident lawyer needs to be experienced enough to fight against the insurance companies. In case the other companies are not co-operating, it requires litigation, which requires the help of an experienced lawyer if you want to come out winning.

Remember, your stance on the case would determine how reasonable the other party will be right off the start. This is the single most important reason you should consider hiring an experienced legal counsel with the sole focus on getting the full compensation for the injury that you rightfully deserve.

What Kinds of Injuries Are Included in an Auto Accident Claim?

Immediately after an accident, you should get thoroughly evaluated by medical personnel. The common causes of auto accident injuries are –

  • Broken Bones
  • Fire Burns
  • Scrapes and Deep Cuts
  • Head and Brain Injuries (Concussion, Traumatic Injury, Internal Bleeding)
  • Neck and Spinal Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (Tendon, Ligament, or Muscle Damage)

In case of an auto accident injury, a medical evaluation is important for 2 reasons.

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Firstly, to determine the extent of your damage – both internally and externally. This is essential to determine the compensations for the accident.

And secondly, all medical evaluations shall be evaluated by your car accident lawyer that will be used as the founding evidence in your claims.

In Conclusion

The trauma of a life-changing auto accident can be very hard to take when you know that there’s no going back. If you’ve incurred heavy damage physically, mentally, and financially, then it’s best if you take the help of an expert auto accident lawyer.

Thankfully, an auto accident lawyer in Calgary is easy to find, and they are experienced and supportive.

In all cases, the lawyer will help represent you to fight against the other party and also help you with all things that need to be organized along the way.

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