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How to Report an Accident to Get Lawyer Support


If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, and someone is responsible for this accident, not you, then you are eligible to get the best compensation from the insurance company. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer to get the claim. You have to show your medical expenses for your references to the court, and you need to start your claim in the court as soon as possible to start your case.

How much can you receive from the case?

You must need to remember that there is no exact sum you can receive from this accident. Every case is different, and on that formation, your compensation will be also different. But first, you need to find a lawyer who will fight for your case and will advise you on how you should go ahead with your case.

How to do a police report for the vehicle accident?

If you claim your compensation without reporting to the police, then it would be challenging to get that claim from the insurance companies. By any chance you are getting that claim but, you have to receive the low settlement which you don’t deserve at all.

You have to follow some process while reporting to the police:

  1. If you have any known police officer, you can ask for help to him, and he can become your responded police officer for your accident case. But now you don’t have any known police officer what will do in that case? You have to call near the police station and ask for help so that they can come immediately to report your case.
  2. While reporting to the police officer, please explain everything to the police officer what has happened to the accident spot, who you are, your name and addresses, why you are moving through this place, your other contact details; each and every detail you have to share with your responsible police officer so that he can have an initial idea what has happened exactly.
  3. Sometimes police officer cannot get your conversation over the phone then ask another help from the person who has received your phone call. You need to do the report as soon as possible as you are already injured. So, ask someone or anyone from the police station who will help you to write down all the details. For that reason maybe you have to pay fees, so it is better to have some cash in your pocket.
  4. We are assuming the worst case that you are not getting any help from the police department as they do not understand your conversation then contact with the insurance companies immediately. The insurance company will send someone who will take details from the accident spots, and will decide whether this case will be acceptable in their insurance policy or not.
  5. After doing all this please for your safety get a mail copy of your accident details from them so that it can help you to get the compensation support in future and will make your case easier.
  6. After having the police report of your accident, please go through it continuously and verify whether it is okay or not. Please provide one copy to the insurance company and the other driver. In every stage, you need to be prepared to use your documents to support your accident case.

N.B: All the procedures are applicable if you are in good health. Otherwise, you should attend the hospital as soon as possible.

How to find a lawyer?

Your lawyer should be the one who has law society certification and also, he should be experienced in such cases. Sometimes your neighbours or the family members will help to get one as you will be sick at that time.

Please have a total idea about your lawyer with their organization details. This information will help you to have a bonding throughout your case time. After finding a lawyer, you need to know your fees.

Usually, lawyer will have their fees which they will ask you. For the negotiation time, you can have the details after surfing the website more. But your lawyer will do a  consultation for the first time and will provide some services. You have to get all evidence as strong so that you can win the case and it will also help your lawyer to fight the case in the court.

How long may the case take?

This question is totally depended on

  • The individual case
  • Your opposite side should be cooperative throughout the case
  • If both parties agree on the decision of the court
  • If the entire situation goes to the court directly.

In your accident, suppose you have faced a little injury which can be recovered in a few days then your case will be resolved in a few weeks. But if those injuries are serious than it looks than it might take two to four years to get the compensation.

Suppose you are disabled in that accident which means you have lost one your body part and you have to be in the hospital for many days then you can get the best compensation from the court. And if your case is in the trial value than it will take many years.

Some mistakes which can be happened by you

Involving a jury

Injury case always will be handled by a judge, not a jury, so there is nothing to worry about your case on your hearing day.

Your case is not the only priority

If you assume that your lawyer has only one case and that is your one, then this is the wrong perception. Please don’t think like this. A personal injury case may have more than 100 clients which he needs to deal every day, and you are among these 100 clients. So, don’t pressurize your lawyer for your case only, yes, you should be in his priority list also so don’t worry about this.

Should I ask this question or not

Don’t ever think this question in mind. If you have any question, it proves that you have some confusion about your case. Whatever problem comes in mind ask these to your lawyer so that there is no confusion left for you. If you ask question frequently to your lawyer, then your lawyer might think that maybe you have some law ideas that’s why you are asking so much question. So, don’t hesitate to ask any item to your lawyer.

Compensation claim is easy to get

If you think after an accident, it is easy to claim compensation from the insurance companies, then your assumption is wrong. There are some policy and the categories which are followed in the insurance company. Of your compensation claim is fall under these policies, then they will consider your claim. So, in that case, only your lawyer can help you to get the settlement amount and sometimes it might take months to years.

How to gather evidence for your personal injury lawyer?

Sometimes you need to collect your evidence to have a mental peace and make stronger your statement. Those steps are:

Take photos from your accident case

Please take photos of whatever you find necessary to have. Highlight your confusion and the accident place in different angles so that your insurance companies believe you and find it useful for your case.

You must remember that you have the right to click pictures in the public place and if there is any restricted area, then get permission from the authorities to have a photo then click for your support. Then write the details of your photographs and explain these to the insurance companies so that they don’t have any doubt on it.

Returning to the accident scene

If it is necessary then go back to the accident place again and you might have found more details on that place which could be essential for your case. Please observe everything as you are here for the second time in this place. We understand that you could not collect all the details previously as you were the victim on that spot so now do collect all the details whichever you find is important.


When you have faced in an accident, you have to do many things to prove your place secure. You have to report to the police officer also you need to submit all documents to insurance companies so that you can claim your compensation in all these activities.

The most important thing is that you have to collect your reporting copy from the responsible police officer for the coverage of your claim from the insurance companies. And this is a part of this accident claim.

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