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When is it Time to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Do you have any idea about When is it time to contact a personal injury lawyer? One of the biggest sources of anxiety we see in personal injury victims is a certain unwillingness to contact a personal injury lawyer before they “should.” These same victims are often quite unsure as to what “should” means and are often misled on this point by all manner of parties, including well-meaning family members and friends.

More of then than not, people wait far longer than they “should” to contact a personal injury lawyer. Here’s the reality: you should call one the moment you’re medically able to do so, even if that means you’re retaining your lawyer from your hospital bed the day after the accident.

You don’t have to wait until you’re sure you have a case

It’s a bad idea to sit and agonize over whether a case is worth your injury lawyer’s time. For one thing, you don’t have the legal experience or knowledge to make that determination.

An injury lawyer will never be upset because you called and asked the question. They may tell you the case isn’t worth their time, and they may tell you why, but at least you’ll know, with zero guesswork and zero money paid. You can lean on their experience, instead of on Google.

You don’t have to wait until all the bills have come due

This is a common misconception and one that insurance companies like to create as it often keeps plaintiffs from seeking help in a timely fashion.

You might have to wait for all of your medical bills and treatment to be finished before you can come to a settlement, but that doesn’t mean you should go without advice from a personal injury lawyer the entire time you’re waiting.

As you continue your treatment regimen your lawyer should be deep in the discovery process so that you’re ready to go when the time comes.

There is a limitation period

You have two years to either file a Statement of Claim or accept a settlement. That clock starts ticking on the date of your accident.

Sometimes, insurance companies try to relieve themselves of liability by encouraging you to draw things out past the limitation period. This doesn’t happen if you have a lawyer from day 1.

Waiting longer means making more mistakes and losing valuable case-building time

Things you say and do while your case is happening can absolutely be used against you.

When you have a lawyer by your side you can avoid making any major mistakes that might alter the balance of your case. In some cases, you can even forward certain conversations to your lawyer instead of having them yourself, protecting yourself even further. Now you have the perfect idea about When is it time to contact a personal injury lawyer.

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