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What to Expect Physically after a Car Accident

What to Expect Physically after a Car Accident Featured Image

An accident comes with a shock and leaves scars. After overcoming the mental trauma, a person gets the ease to think about loss and damages, both physical and financial, also psychological. Even if the accident may not take you to the hospital, it can be the reason to suffer in the long term.

So, after the restoration of adrenaline balance, one must look for injury or fracture. Indeed, this is not what a person wishes for but the demand of that very moment. Without any prior idea, it is easy to get a clue what to expect physically after a car accident.

Stay with us and enlighten yourself with our further discussion. You’ve got your lawyer for the legal settlement. But, the first concern is your health and safety. Even your car accident lawyer will agree on that. Let’s know about What to expect physically after a car accident?

Physically Trouble That May Arise After an Accident

Before running into the core topic, let’s see how many ways a person apparently gets into an injury during a car accident.

  • Trembling back and forth
  • Getting hit against the dashboard or other parts of the vehicle
  • Being flung out of the vehicle
  • Hit by an object from outside

Different types of accidents cause different injuries or damages. In the end, what may result in:

Injuries to Soft Tissue

One of the frequent injuries originates in a car accident- it damages the muscles, ligaments around the bones. It occurs when the impact and strain by accident are beyond a body can completely absorb. Soft tissue injuries usually take hours to days to emerge with symptoms. 

It’s advisable to consult a physician if the pain remains more than 2/3 days. Whiplash is a kind of soft tissue injury. Headache, fatigue or dizziness, cramped neck, numbness in the arms are symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

Knee Injuries

The collision during an accident can cause knee injuries of the driver or the passenger. The sudden tweak of a hard brake or collision throwing the victim on the dashboard may create complications like patella chondromalacia, torn meniscus, fractured kneecap. 

The worst part of a knee injury is it can initiate long-term injury and even disability with enormous pain and suffering.

Shoulder Injuries

When the body is knocked or twisted with any part of the vehicle by one shoulder, it upshots tearing ligaments, bruises or strains. The concerning matter is that the injury may worsen over time if not treated properly and timely.

Injuries in Spinal Cord

It’s a common experience to feel back pain after an accident. But, as it’s nearby the spine, there shouldn’t be any chance to take. Don’t delay contacting your physician if you have a history of an accident. A back pain associated with an accident is not an issue to ignore.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury is another result of a car accident. Caused by the heavy impact, this can last for a long term and interrupt normal functions of the brain. The symptoms may take even months to show up.

It affects personality and behaviour. People tend to be forgetful, get angry easily. It shouldn’t be late to seek medical help and a doctor’s advice if a person recently had an experience of concussion and was unconscious during an accident.

Broken or Fractured Bones

It is easy to detect a fracture or a broken bone after an accident because it creates enormous pain. The surrounding area starts to swell, and bruises are visible. 

One should contact a doctor immediately and check if that specific area is broken or fractured. Otherwise, that can cause long-term suffering or even permanent damage. It takes several weeks to months to get the broken area fully healed.

Mental Health Issues

We ordinary people often ignore that part of a catastrophic event that affects mental health. Even the doctors sometimes focus on only the physical trauma, being absolutely unaware of the mental or emotional ailment. An injured person can describe that specific feeling only.

So, there is no chance to detour this critical issue that can be easily treated and recovered. Delay with ignorance will make things more complicated and left unsolved. Who would want to induce a mental health issue of their own?

Apart from the injuries and damages mentioned, there are many other symptoms and endurances which occur from time to time and last for different intervals.

What Factors Make You Suffer More After a Car Accident?

Due to some existing or appearing complications, a person may suffer more than they are supposed to after a car accident.

Age- Youngers take less time to recover

After an age limit, as time passes, the body loses its healing power. So, it might take a longer time to recover than a person could heal at a young age.

Pre-existing Physical Issues

A car accident may not be severe, but it could influence and intensify the injury from an accident. It’s also possible that pre-existing health issues can turn a normal injury into a critical one.

Severity of the Accident

A person is more likely to feel pain and suffer as exactly the intensity of the strike from the accident is.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from an Injury After a Car Accident?

The recovery from an accident depends on the type of the accident and the treatment taken after the incident. There is no way to get immediate healing but improve the recovery time.

The universal advice all doctors give is to go through complete rest. That should be both physical and mental. Proper medication and nutrition with a sound sleep cycle bring forward the moment of full recovery.

Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

What physical issues you may face after a car accident and overcoming that isn’t the end of the story. The other part of the rampart is the compensation someone else owes you. Reporting the car accident on time will surely benefit you on transparency and insurance claims

The treatment cost is never free and takes a portion of the victim’s valuable time. Either causing disability or causing financial loss, the law summons a fine for indemnification. But the other party may not feel like paying so easily. 

It’s your lawyer who’ll do the legal fight for you while you need a break from the regular workforce and court sessions, of course. Whether it’s Toronto or Calgary, motorcycle accident or motor car crash, an experienced car accident lawyer can do the best for you.

Last Words

No one expects to encounter an accident. None can give you the guarantee if one can be accident-resistant as well. A person has to be careful, before an accident, during an accident (if possible), and even after an accident. Because as long as you’re alive, you have got a lot to lose. And health is one of the few things you never want to compromise. So your knowledge on what to expect physically after a car accident serves your after accident purposes.

What physical issues you may face after a car accident will be the clue what you may face next and what to do. Reading the article might have given you a rough idea of how horrible the outcome of a car accident can be. That should be enough for a person to follow the traffic rules, take precautions and help an injured person at an accident spot. Know-how about personal injury cases will guide you through the accidental recovery journey.

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