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Minor Hit and Run Charges Canada

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Hit and run is the act of hitting a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, or any other structure and fleeing away from the spot. It’s a serious crime considered by the law. If you’re a new driver, be aware of your next move whenever you encounter an accident. The matter can take a lot of things off-limits.

The primary responsibility is to stop the vehicle after an accident. Undoubtedly, one of the ugliest and inhuman moves by a driver is hit and run. Hit and run charges in Canada turn out to be a heavy shackle. Upon proving the claim, the experience can be as awful as the victim’s experience.

Today’s discussion is about a short but easy analysis of this matter.

What are the obligations after a collision?

The moment a person involves in an accident, they must-

  • Stop at the event-place
  • Call the police in case anyone is injured or there is any damage to the property
  • Check if the other driver or passengers need any medical help
  • Give contact and insurance details to the victim, also collect their info.

Failing to stop at the accident scene can take the matter to the Himalayas. Sometimes, a person not associated with the accident also has to show cause for not stopping. The intention to escape this situation often turns to be a complicated scenario. Rather, stopping by would work in both sides’ favour.

What are the penalties for hit and run?

Section 252 from the Criminal Code of Canada denotes that involvement in the accident and failure to stop at the scene is serious offence. If a person is found guilty of this offence, that can have their driving license revoked automatically (up to 3 years). Besides, the insurance rate may increase by 50%, even more.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the driver will lose 7 points from driving license with 30 days driving suspension. In some cases, it can reach 2 years. There is also a fine range of $400 to $2000. The accountable person may have 6 months imprisonment with or without these penalties.

Sentences according to Criminal Code of Canada for hit and run-

  • A lifetime criminal record
  • 1-3 years license suspension
  • Probation period
  • Last but not least, an amount of money as fine

But, that’s not all. The fine amount and the duration of imprisonment can increase far more.

What to do after being hit and run by the victim?

They should claim against the person at fault as soon as possible. Without any delay, the victim should

Identify the person and vehicle

Identifying the driver or number plate of the car involved in the accident should be the first task. These points can help get to the person and claim against them.

File police report

It is suggested that there should be a police report in the next 24 hours. The police will then help find the suspect from the clues available. It may not be easy if the information is not well enough.

Report claim

The victim must contact ICBC and report their claim within the 6 months of the accident.

Treatment should always be first on the list

After an accident, health status will be the prime priority. The person injured or their relatives/ friends should ensure the proper treatment first to get out the primary trauma. After that, the legal process should begin.

Try to contact the witness

A witness always plays a vital role in any case. So, it will be helpful and wise to find the witness(s) of the accident and receive their testimonial.

Dealing with the insurance company

Photos of damages in the vehicle and the mechanic’s repairing amount’s assessment will help in an insurance claim and police report.

It is important to contact the insurance company immediately so that they might not get the chance to deny the compensation. As mentioned earlier, the police report should be filed within 24 hours.

They may consider the event is your fault and disqualify you just because there was a delay. That may result in increasing your insurance rate.

What are the average hit and run settlements?

Hit and run takes a person up to the court. A person being hurt in the event takes the issue to the civil suit. The situation becomes grave for those who have fled the accident scene. Discovering carelessness while driving becomes more worrying for the convicted one.

Hitting a pedestrian or cyclist can cause jail time most likely. The victim is also supposed to receive compensation for the injury and loss.


It’s so frustrating for the person to see a car fleeing away after hitting them. On the other hand, the person behind the wheel causing the accident must show some sense of responsibility and sensitivity. Apart from them, the law enforcement agencies are vigilant to help sue the lawbreaker.

But, to get the best outcome from a case, an efficient lawyer is the next step after making up the mind to go for justice. Often people give up thinking of the upcoming hassle of the court sessions and hearing. Yet, what has to be done, has to be done.

So, after grasping all the knowledge about hit and run charges in Canada, one should be more restrained in driving and following the rules. That might save lives and minimize damages. Otherwise, the law will be after the criminal.


Can a hit and run charge be dropped?

It is possible when there is a mutual settlement between 2 parties. As the responsible party agrees to take responsibility for the loss that occurred after the hit and run, the victim may take back the charge.

How serious is a hit and run charge?

Typically, with no damages or injury, a hit and run are considered a misdemeanour. But, causing death or severe injury, or significant property damage can lead this act to felony charges.

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