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What Happens if You are a Victim of Distracted Driving Alberta

What Happens if You are a Victim of Distracted Driving Alberta Featured Image

According to the CAA, around 1.6 million crashes occur annually due to mobile phone use while driving. Also, most Canadians say that texting while driving is no#1 threat to their personal safety on the road. Undoubtedly, mobile devices are essential, but using them while driving may distract you, causing a severe accident. For this, the government created laws and restrictions for drivers while driving, also known as the "Traffic Safety Act." In this article, you will learn about everything you need to know about distracted driving in Alberta. What is considered distracted driving in Alberta? Distracted driving includes different activities such as using your...

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Minor Hit and Run Charges Canada

Minor Hit and Run Charges Canada Featured Image

Hit and run is the act of hitting a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, or any other structure and fleeing away from the spot. It’s a serious crime considered by the law. If you’re a new driver, be aware of your next move whenever you encounter an accident. The matter can take a lot of things off-limits. The primary responsibility is to stop the vehicle after an accident. Undoubtedly, one of the ugliest and inhuman moves by a driver is hit and run. Hit and run charges in Canada turn out to be a heavy shackle. Upon proving the claim, the experience can...

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