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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic Injury

When someone is involved in an accident, they will most likely end up with some injuries. Sometimes it can be some minor injuries and sometimes it can be something major catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries are always very serious and always require long-term medical treatment.

In some cases, after an injury, people fail to identify their injuries. So, when they try to claim for the insurance settlement claim, they fall under uncertainty about their claim. That is why it is important to know about the catastrophic injuries and the cause of them.

So in this writing, we are going to explore everything about catastrophic injury and some common examples of it. Keep reading the entire article for more.

What is a catastrophic injury?

Generally, catastrophic injuries refer to serious or severe injuries, like injuries that are related to the spine, spinal cord, skull fracture, brain injuries, etc. In a legal process, these kinds of severe injuries are labeled as catastrophic injuries. The determination of the catastrophic injuries can vary from country to country.

Different country has different assessment in order to determine the value of catastrophic injuries. Usually, the local medical association deals with these issues. But there are some common causes and examples of catastrophic injuries in almost every country.

Common Catastrophic Injuries Causes

There are so many causes of catastrophic injuries. Because each accident and situation is different from the other. That is why the cause of injuries is also different. But if we try to figure it out, then we can see some common causes of catastrophic injuries. Some of them are given in the following:

  • Auto accident
  • Truck or car accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Slip and fall
  • falls from height
  • Injuries from sport activities
  • Medical malpractice
  • Accident in the workplace and so on

Common Catastrophic Injuries Examples

Basically, catastrophic injuries are occurred because of an individual’s negligence, carelessness, and so on. There are so many countless examples of catastrophic injuries. All injuries are unique from others. But there are some common injuries. They are given in the following:

1. Traumatic brain injuries

This is one of the common catastrophic injuries. And this is required long-term treatment and medication. Emotional difficulties, permanent disability, abnormal behavior can be the results of traumatic brain injuries.

2. Spinal cord injuries

These types of injuries are commonly seen after a car or truck accident. This type of injury can cause chronic pain and suffering. However, partial or complete paralysis is so common when the spinal cord is broken or injured. It also affects the respiratory and circulation system.

3. Arm loss

This is the most severely suffered when a victim has broken arm or arm loss. The victim needs to deal with a lot of physical and emotional challenges in this situation. This type of loss or injury is also common in auto accidents.

4. Burn injury

In the workplace or home, this type of accident mainly occurs. When a victim has to deal with a burn injury, she or he also has to deal with a lot of physical and mental challenges. Infection in the body part and permanent disabilities are some common physical challenges from a burn injury.

5. Internal injuries

Internal injuries can include ruptured kidneys, spleen, and many more. Generally, after an auto accident or heavy accident, some of the body parts can be injured internally. It can cause internal bleeding in our bodies. In some cases, it can be life-threatening too.

Difference between catastrophic vs non-catastrophic injury:

As we have known, catastrophic injury always refers to serious and severe injuries. In other words, it is sometimes life-threatening injures which require long-term treatment and medication. These serious injuries may include loss of body parts, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, and so on.

On the other hand, non-catastrophic injury means less severe or less serious injuries than catastrophic injuries. But it will not fall under minor injuries. In simple words, this type of injury is categorized between catastrophic and minor injuries.

Costs regarding the catastrophic injuries

After a catastrophic injury, the victim needs to deal with a lot of physical and mental challenges. Financial issues are one of the most common among them.

There are some costs after involving a catastrophic injury. You need to go through a medical checkup and hospitalization, which costs you some money. So below are given some of the costs regarding catastrophic injuries:

  • Emergency hospital bills
  • Cost for medication and nursing
  • Hospitalization
  • Future treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Mental counseling
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Catastrophic Injuries Benefit Coverage

Most of the catastrophic injuries require long-term treatment and medication. Sometimes, one needs to deal with some financial hardship after an accident. But you can claim for settlement to your insurance company. The insurance company will try to compensate for the loss that you had in the accident.

There are some benefits that you can get from an insurance company. In order to obtain those benefits, you need to prove them with proper evidence. Then your insurance company will review your situation and then will try to settle the loss. The benefits coverage of the insurance company may include:

1. Hospital benefits

These are the most common benefits that almost every insurance company provides. After an accident, you just need to go through some emergency medical checkup or rehabilitation.

For that reason, you may need to pay the medical expenses or hospital bills. In that regard, the insurance company will bear all these costs for the injuries.

2. Lost wages

If you have lost any work time or lost wages for the injuries. Then the insurance company will try to compensate for that loss. But the payment amount will depend on your situation. If your injuries caused you permanent disable, then perhaps the insurance company will continue to give you a certain amount.

3.  Death or funeral benefits

If, unfortunately, an accident causes the victim to death. Then under the funeral benefits, the insurance company will try to compensate it. And all the costs and expenses regarding the death or funeral the insurance company will handle.

4. Home maintenance benefits

After an accident, you are most like not able to work anymore like before. That is why you may be unable to earn money like before. In that case, you just need to deal with all the additional daily costs, including the home maintenance costs. In such cases, if you claim for a settlement to your insurance company, then they will provide some home maintenance benefits.

The Bottom Line

In some cases, people get confused after an injury. Most people do not even know what they should do. That is why it is always better to know before getting into such a situation.

Even you have certain things to do after an accident. When you will do all these things accordingly, it will be much easier for you to get a good amount from the insurance company.

However, all these legal processes for claiming the settlement may seem hard for an individual. That is why you can seek professional lawyer help in this regard.

An experienced professional lawyer can always help you by ensuring a good amount of compensation from the insurance company. So, hopefully, this writing helped you to understand all the basics things about catastrophic injuries.

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