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Auto Accident Lawyer in Calgary

Auto Accident Lawyer

The rate of road accidents is increasing rapidly in Canada. And this is due to reckless driving and pedestrian’s carelessness. However, none should wait for so long in deciding to contact an auto accident lawyer after a vehicle accident takes place.

Other than this, it is essential to take the victim to the hospital for a check-up and treat the injury. But why would the victim pay the bills if he is not the defaulter? Instead, it is the accountability of the defaulter to pay the money for his mistake.

Therefore, an automobile accident lawyer is the one who deals with all these. Take a moment to know about the complete information related to a lawyer for a car accident. But before that, let us know what type of damages a victim can go through due to a vehicle accident.

Damages Due to a Car Accident

The result of an accident is damage, of course. And there are basically two types of damages that a victim can go through due to a car accident. Those are:

  1. Pecuniary damages
  2. Non-pecuniary damages

To know about them in detail with examples, keep reading below.

1. Pecuniary Damages

The damages that can be measured through money are known as pecuniary damages. There is a special kind of calculator for making this work done with the lawyers. Therefore, with this, there is no chance to make any troublesomeness while doing the proper calculation.

But also you should must be make a consultation with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary. So that s/he can help you to solve your problem.

For your better understanding, here are some examples.

  • Suppose your vehicle has been damaged so badly that it needs to be repaired or changed very early. So, according to the brand and model number of the car, the opposite party needs to pay the money.
  • The bills that you have already paid in the hospital and the pharmacy shop need to be calculated, and afterward, the defaulter party needs to pay the amount to the victim.

2. Non-pecuniary Damages

The damages that cannot be measured financially or with a calculator are known as non-pecuniary damages. Therefore, these are mainly the pain and suffering of the victims. Moreover, there is no proper treatment for this, and also the compensation rate is low in this damage.

At the end of the day, the victims can never enjoy their life like ever before. The relatives and friends also neglect them, as they are most likely to lose their job due to injury. Many even go through mental distress besides physical wounds.

Who is The Defaulter in a Car Accident?

Both the car drivers or the pedestrian can be the defaulter in a car accident. However, a car accident can occur between two cars, a car and a motorcycle, and a car and a pedestrian.

If the driver runs the car carelessly by doing other stuff or not following the traffic rules, the driver will be the defaulter. But, in case if the pedestrian crosses the road without giving a signal or crosses the road at the wrong time or while being busy doing other stuff, then the pedestrian will be termed as a defaulter.

So, to avoid all these circumstances that will end up giving compensation to others, it is essential to be very careful while on the road. Moreover, you also need to remember that nothing is more important than life.

Auto Accident Lawyer

Things to do When Involved in a Car Accident

When a person is in danger, the brain most often stops giving the important signal of what to do. And that is why as a preventive measure, we are going to tell you about the things you need to do in an instant after facing a car accident.

Keep Patience

When you or the person with you meets an accident, the first thing is to keep patients on the spot. This is because the moment you are facing is very critical and sensitive. And if you lose your temper there, the situation might go messier and out of control.

Do Not Leave The Spot

After you face an accident, it is wise not to leave the spot at that moment. But if you do so, you cannot interrogate the defaulter party well. However, the condition will be different if your injury is very much serious.

In this case, if you have a person with you, he can make this essential step done.

Exchange Information

Without the right information, even if you want justice, it is quite impossible. So, before leaving the accident spot, note down the exact location, like the street number, the exact time and date, the number plate of the defaulter car, and the driver’s information. Furthermore, it would be better if you can click a picture.

Talk With The Witnesses

Talk with the people around you who were there when the accident took place because the witnesses’ statement plays a vital role in proving the defaulter’s inconvenience. For making the case more fruitful, not down the witnesses’ detail with their permission.

Inform The Police

Before leaving the place do not forget to inform the police. Moreover, as accidents are vital issues on the road, the police need to visit the location as soon as possible to collect all the necessary evidence. Even a piece of small evidence is significant to ensure compensation for the victim.

Call for an Ambulance

Immediately call for an ambulance if the victim is going through severe injury or damage. It is often seen that due to a car or motorcycle accident, the victim dies on the spot.

Take Medical Treatment

It is essential to take medical treatment and do all the tests according to the doctor’s advice. Even if the injury seems minor from outward, it might be very critical from inward. So, the wound should not be underestimated and must be examined and treated correctly.

Store All The Bills

If you are not the defaulter, you need to store all the bills, including the hospital bill, medical bill, ambulance charge, and others. Because afterward, the defaulter party needs to pay compensation, which will include all these bills.

Auto Accident Lawyer

Car accident lawyers need to be communicated at the earliest possible time because they can reduce the rate of pain and suffering that one might be going through after an accident. However, it can be through collecting the appropriate compensation from the defaulter or the insurance company.

Most of the general people are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the compensation as they do not deal with such issues every day. So, it might also be possible that the opposite party will convince them by giving a small amount, which is minor related to the loss.

Therefore, if you search by a car accident lawyer near me, you will find us every time without any doubt. We will stand from your side and talk with the opposite party to solve it as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

No matter how minor the work is, you need to get out of the house to make it done. And during this time, it is also possible that you or the person with you might face an accident. But, you need to stay calm to solve the case with the help of your lawyer.

However, you have already discussed the importance of an auto accident lawyer after you meet an accident. Moreover, to help the lawyer with some information, you need to collect some data that are stated above.

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