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Involved in a Car Accident Caused by Traffic Lights? Know about Traffic Signal Car Accidents

Involved in a car accidents caused by traffic lights?

A car accident caused by traffic lights is rare but may occur to anyone. Although such an unfortunate situation is undesirable, knowing the consequences is a plus point from legal aspects.

You might be involved in a car accident caused by malfunctioning traffic lights. Let’s know your available remedies and what to do in a situation like that.

Car Accident Caused by Traffic Lights – Explained

Car accidents may happen due to poor conditions or traffic lights malfunctioning. Surprisingly, the ratio of car accidents caused by malfunctioning traffic lights is increasing at an alarming rate.

Generally, an accident causes by the mistake of drivers. But in poor traffic light accidents, liability goes upon the monitoring parties. Such a situation can arise due to negligence or the error of road and transport monitoring parties.

Generally, Traffic lights and road maintenance are done by a third party authorized by the government. Notably, multiple parties get involved in such authorized government projects. As a result, making them liable is so tough.

If a car accident occurs due to malfunctioning traffic lights, it is not your liability. But you need to file a case against the authority to establish your claim.

Reasons for Car Accidents Caused by Traffic Lights

Though you might try to avoid a car accident, malfunctioning traffic lights might cause many dangerous accidents on the road. Let’s know some reasons for a car accident caused by traffic lights.

Poor Management

An authorized party is responsible for maintaining traffic lights and signals. But, if responsible parties don’t do their duty, damaged traffic lights can cause road accidents.

The biggest challenge of roadside authority is ensuring proper maintenance. Essential measures from the management can reduce the rate of accidents.

Power Outages

Electric power outages can damage the traffic lights. Moreover, the traffic light may somehow be disconnected from the main power at nighttime.

That could result in a blank traffic light, in turn causing accidents.

High Winds Damage

A natural disaster like high winds causes damage to traffic lights. The windy situation is precarious for driving, and any damaged traffic lights worsen the situation. So many car accidents occurred under damaged traffic lights during rhetorical situations.

Illegal Tampering

Destroying the traffic lights is prohibited. However, some offenders may intentionally destroy traffic lights in any distinct area. Such illegal tampering with traffic lights causes road accidents.

Other Ways of Damage

There are other ways of traffic lights damages. Damages from a previous accident, wear and tear, lighting damages, and vandalism events also cause damage to traffic lights. Complete blackout during a car accident is a familiar event.

What Should You Do If You Involved in an Accident Caused by Traffic Lights

Car accidents for the defectiveness of traffic lights may occur with you. If you are involved in a minor injury, don’t leave the place in a hurry—contact the traffic police or the responsible authority.

If you cannot find anyone, take a picture of that place. Then you can take the assistance of legal experts to earn the appropriate compensation.

In case of rough injury, it is better to confirm your health safety first. Try to reach the nearby hospital as soon as possible. Then hire a lawyer after the treatment. Tell the reason behind the accident and take immediate legal action.

Investigators will find out the absolute reason behind the accident. If they find enough evidence, the authority will be held liable for the bad condition of traffic lights. However, if the accident happens due to your fault, you will be held accountable.

So, you can take legal action if you are a victim of a malfunctioning traffic lights accident. Also, inform the authority if you find any misfunctioning traffic lights.

How Should Drivers Deal with Defective Traffic Lights

Suppose you are driving a car and find the defective traffic lights. You need to handle the situation carefully. Sometimes flashing lights also works as an indicator for the drivers. Some of the drivers get confused by the improper lighting.

Well, learn the meaning of confusing flashing lights from here.

  • When approaching a flashing red traffic control light, you need to be careful. In this situation, stopping the car will be a better option. This signal indicates the immediate stop of any vehicles.
  • In case of flashing yellow traffic lights, you need to slow down the car slightly. And then move forward, even if the light is not working correctly.
  • If you find an entirely blank light, don’t move forward. Somehow contact the traffic police if it is possible. Or contact the authority.
  • Moreover, an empty traffic light could create danger for other drivers. Therefore, contact immediately with the responsible person before leaving the place.

As broken traffic light rules are complex, you need to have enough proof to win the suit. If you stop the car while seeing a broken traffic light, you have a higher chance of getting compensation in case of an accident.

Driving through broken traffic lights is very dangerous and may lead to accidents. So safety first!


Although car accidents due to traffic lights are rarely seen, you can not deny the fact of happening such accidents. Therefore, follow the broken traffic light rules while driving. This very step will save you from committing an accident. If something wrong happens, don’t make a delay to consult a doctor to recover from the accidental trauma.

If you don’t break out the law, you will get compensation in the situation of an accident caused by traffic lights.


In this section, you will find answers to relevant queries.

How to report a malfunctioning traffic light?

You can file the report to the road and transport authority. You can use both online and offline modes to report the problem. Moreover, if you are subject to malfunctioning traffic light accidents, you can also take legal action.

What is the broken traffic light law?

If you spot any broken traffic lights on the road, you need to stop the vehicles. However, if you become part of an accident while driving a car, you will be held liable even after seeing the broken lights.

What should I do after involving in a car accident caused by traffic lights?

If you are involved in a car accident caused by broken traffic lights, you can file a suit. You will get the remedy if the road and transport authority do the thing negligently.

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