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Car Accident Injury Claim: The Defintie Guide

Car Accident Injury Claim

Road accidents are one of the most common scenarios in today’s world. Every year, numerous people fall victim to terrible car accidents. If you have been involved in one, you should know that you are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained from the accident and also you should know how can you find a Car Accident Lawyer in Calgary.

Car accident injury claim is an important part of recovery from unfortunate events. Many victims do not know how to file a complaint. Some do not have any idea about the kind of compensation they are entitled to receive.

Here is a definite guide to your injury claim compensation from a car accident. Know all about injury claims and acquire your rightful compensation.

Car Accident Injury Claim in Calgary

Car accident in Calgary has been on the rise for many years now. Law enforcement in Canada has been strict and strong. Despite that, people are driving recklessly. As a result, both drivers and innocent passers-by are experiencing dangerous road accidents.

The Calgary law and order ensures that a victim, who is at no fault of his or her own, has been injured from a car accident can claim monetary compensation from the at-fault party. This also includes getting the necessary recovery amount for any physical and psychological injury and property damages.

A quick guide to the whole process would be to know about your rights. You have the right to claim the damage recovery amount from the insurance company as well as the at-fault party.

You will have to remember that it is crucial to have the mindset to fight for your case. You will need a professional and experienced lawyer. Calgary has one of the best personal injury lawyers throughout Canada.

The professional support can enable you to realize the total amount of money you should ask for. The lawyer will also accumulate all the necessary pieces of evidence and gather witness information to fight on your behalf.

Keep in mind that the main task is to determine the amount of money you are entitled to be paid for the damages caused by someone else’s negligence.

Car accident settlement payouts in Alberta

The compensation of a car accident injury claim you ask for is significant, depending on the type of injuries you have sustained. Several factors are considered in determining the worth of your personal injury compensation claim.

If you are filing a case for wrongful death, you may be entitled to receive a handsome amount of money. This will include the amount for the death of a loved one and any other activities associated with the unfortunate death.

Furthermore, other payoffs will depend on the injuries you have sustained. This includes any physical, psychological, and permanent damage to your overall health.

The injuries will also involve the effect on the long term on your life. If the injuries have an effect on you for a wider period of time, you may be entitled to claim more compensation. This is truer for cognitive injuries.

Post-traumatic disorders tend to stay with a victim for a long time. As a result, you may need professional treatment for a significant amount of time. The at-fault party should bear all the expenses regarding that.

Average Car Accident Settlement in Canada

Compensation is something that goes to the court and is determined by the juries. In comparison, a settlement is negotiations and deals done between the two parties involved in the accident.

The majority of car accident injury claim cases in Canada do not go to court. The court activities are hectic. There are a lot of complications. The most common scenario is settled outside the court.

With the help of a mediator or professional lawyer, two parties come together to negotiate and finalize an amount that suits the interest of both. However, this is not a bad situation for you either. It is always better to avoid the court if settlements can be possible.

The average amount in a settlement all over Canada is around $120,000. Your lawyer will be able to incur 70% of your income loss if you intend to settle with the other party outside the court. However, it may get to a total of 100% income loss if things go to court.

Minor Car Accident Settlement Amounts

If you have faced a car accident and came out of it with minor injuries, consider yourself extremely lucky. The bigger and larger the vehicle becomes, the more dangerous the collision.

Nevertheless, you are still entitled to claim compensation for either minor or major injuries. Even in minor accidents, you may sustain injuries that can become extreme in the latter part of your life.

The process to car accident injury claim compensation for minor injuries should ideally begin from lawyer consultation. Your lawyer will be able to determine the type and total amount of compensation you should claim for your injuries.

Some of the minor injuries you may sustain from a car accident are whiplash, concussion, and small bruises. Most people fail to realize that any injury on the head can be a significant one, even if it does not seem at the moment. For instance, a concussion can become quite serious in the future.

You may not feel the need to concern, but it might affect the regular functions of your brain. Even a minor concussion can lead to major brain injuries years after the accident. Therefore, you must consider claiming compensation through settlement for minor car accident injuries.

Car Accident Settlement Calculator

There are several calculators available on the web for you to determine the amount of settlement you can for a car accident injury claim. You should remember that this would be your first step to negotiation.

The most common method used in the calculation process is the determination of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include all the monetary expenses you have incurred and puts a number on the compensation.

Non-economic damages are injuries and damages that you sustain for the long term. These injuries and damages may not be easily determinable with monetary value.

To calculate the economic damages, you will need to accumulate all the medical bills and property damages. You should consider collecting and safeguarding any prescription and medical charges before, during, and after the compensation claim.

Next up, you will require the earning loss estimation. This means that you should have a document stating how much of your income may have been lost due to the recovery process. This should also include any future income loss.

After evaluating all these, your lawyer can determine the exact amount you should claim as compensation. All the bills, expenses, and income loss will give an idea about economic damage. Whereas the medical condition, prescriptions, and future income loss estimation will determine the non-economic damages, you will sustain for the future.

All these together will be used to calculate the accident settlement amount. If you can fix the compensation amount, you are ready to file an official compensation claim case.


Accidents are never welcomed in our lives. The long term damages a car accident leaves in our life are detrimental and can be permanent. Car accident injury claims can somewhat help us to recover from the injuries and damages. But you should always remember that prevention is better than cure. In this case, being careful on the roads is the best possible prevention.

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