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Personal Injury Coverage on Home Insurance


Nearly all home owner’s insurance provides personal liability coverage. It protects them by giving them personal and property damage insurance.  In casea tenant cause damages to the property, homeowners can get financial security through  insurance coverage.

Home insurance can protect both house owners and tenants from a lot of accidental circumstances. In case of personal damage, tenants have to buy an extra coverage policy on their house owner’s coverage that may help them whenever any damage happens.

In this article, we will discuss about personal injury coverage on home insurance.

Personal Injury Coverage On Home Insurance

Many people may get confused between physical injury and personal responsibility coverage.Personal responsibility covers medical fees and legal fees.

Personal injury covers defamation, false imprisonment, hateful prosecution, affiliated legal cost.

Personal injury

Personal obligation coverage covers the penalty of an indictment if a tenant hurts someone or destroy anyone’s property. Homeowner’s insurance covers any unintentional incident that happens in their tenant’s property. A third party allegation is considered when anyone claims under the homeowner’s coverage. Accidental damage that occurs in the home and the tenants claim under homeowner’s insurance are first-party claims.

Personal obligation policy covers two thing

  1. Physical injury
  2. Property damage

A person should have insurance coverage for their monetary property. Liability coverage should be higher so that even if any damage happens to the property or anyone files a lawsuit in case of any unintentional damage or injury that happened in the property, the house owner can lessen the financial loss.

Injury obligation Coverage

Obligation coverage pays all of the harmed individual’s damage related to the Injury, which includes medical statement, missing wage, mental and physical agony and many other cause for problems that matches the coverage policy.

Though most of the insurance claim is settled below the policy coverage, but in case an injured person suffered severe damage, and the claim goes above the insurance coverage, then the liable person has to pay to additional damage. In case the homeowner has an umbrella policy, which might provide extra protection, it may have a bit more premium.

Legal protection system

Tenants or homeowners apparently will not need to appoint their lawyer, selecting a lawyer can be expensive in case of being sued.All insurance policy does not offer restoration money of the property.


All homeowner’s insurance policy is not the same. Real residence is covered with other constructions on the property. A business in the property is a different construction, which is not covered by the insurance policy. There may be limitations to the monetary coverage for personal property. If you want to know more please check.

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