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Causes of Workplace Accidents & Tips to Prevent Them

Causes Of Workplace Accidents & Tips To Prevent Them

Any accident can cause severe injury. But what are workplace accidents?

When an injury is so severe that it can even cause an employee’s death while working is known as workplace injuries. This loss can change the life of the victim. The changes can be either short term or long term.

But many are not aware of worker laws and go into depression after hearing the cost of the treatment. So the victim needs to know his rights for a better understanding. They can also consult a professional lawyer.

Read the article to know every possible detail related to it.

What does workplace accidents mean?

Workplace accidents are also known as accidents at work or occupational accidents. If physical or mental labor faces any severe accident at their workplace while working for the company or organization, it is known as workplace accidents.

Due to this unplanned incident, one employee can have a personal injury or property loss. According to the International Labour Organization, each year, more than 337 million accidents occur. So it is essential to know about employee rights.

Moreover, the workplaces are getting more secure to eradicate such type of vital occurrences. This is not only hurting but also costly for both companies and workers.

Kinds of workplace accidents

A few types of accidents that are most commonly stated in the workplace are as follows:

  1. Falling: The workers are often told to carry heavy boxes from one place to another or from one floor to another. And there are also many companies with no lifts. So while transporting the materials, the employee may fall from the stairs and cause severe injury.
  2. Dropping objects: Mostly, the physical labors face these consequences. When they are working on a building construction site, heavy metals like hammer or rod may fall from the upper floor. As a result, death can also occur.
  3. Slips: Sometimes, there are some slippery elements on the floor. So when the workers are in a hurry to complete his work, he might not focus on that, resulting in muscle injuries.
  4. Electronic defects: Mental laborers have to work on electronic devices like computers and laptops most of the time. As workers use those for a long time, faults like short circuits may occur more often during working on it.                 

What are the causes of workplace accidents?

There are many possible reasons for the cause of accidents at work. But the fault can be of both the employer and employee. And the rate of risk increases if both of them are careless at a time.

“All the time, it is the fault of the owner” is not correct at all. Many companies care about their worker’s health. However, sometimes the staff does not listen to the instructions and work like their own as nothing will happen. Thus, an accident occurs.

On the other hand,  some owners do not think much about the workers. All that matters to them is the quality of the work. So have a look at some vital reasons for accidents at work.

Damn care nature

Who will think about the workers if the boss does not? But many companies do not implement international labor law as this will cost them too much money. This kind of mentality can cause a severe accident to the employees for sure.

Not having any safety plan

A safety plan is a must for all kinds of organizations. Suppose fire broke out in the workplace. But if there are no fire extinguishers, how can it be blown out. Like these, many other protection policies are to be considered before letting the workers work.

Avoiding safety procedure

The safety procedures are to be followed correctly. Workers must wear a protection cap, glass, shoes, and gloves in every construction site. Yet also many do not abide by this and, finally, become severely wound or lose any of the body parts or even dies.

How to prevent workplace accidents?

A single workplace accident can be a massive burden to both the owner and the victim. The company will lose much reputation and money, while the victim will also have a severe injury or miss out on his life.

So the best way to avoid all this is to prevent it from earlier. Below is a complete guide on how to stop it from occurring.

Pre-set a safety plan

Every organization should set a safety plan before any occurrence occurs. We all know that they are like an uninvited guest. As a result, you never know when they will come.

Avoid giving risky work

The companies should avoid giving risky works like carrying heavy equipment from one place to another. If they even give, they should divide the job instead of giving it to a single person. This will eradicate the risk of falling or slipping.

Labeling danger zone

Nothing is more important than someone’s life. So if there are any risky zones that threaten life, should be marked before someone falls into it. This situation is mostly faced on a construction site.

Do regular checks

There should be a particular person in a company who will visit every corner to be sure whether there is any risky zone or not.

Spend money on repairing

If there is any fault in the workplace, the owner should repair it as soon as possible. It is evident that the repairing cost will be much less than the employee care cost.

What to do if the companies are not ready to help you?

Every employee has a legal right to claim for help from the company if a personal loss occurs while working for them. But many companies do not care about the labor’s law rather than only the works.

So you might be wondering what you would do then. We are here to help you with all the necessary information so that none of your rights are denied. Read below to learn how to handle this situation.

  • Before joining the work, read the employee agreement properly.
  • If the owner does follow the policy, then it is time to take the help of a lawyer who works for the helpless employee.
  • Yet if the employer does not agree with him, you can case a file against him.
  • After that, you will get all the expenses for doctor and medical treatment by providing proper evidence.
  • You also have the full right to join the company again after recovery.
  • If the worker dies, his family members can claim his lifetime wages at a time or per month.

How can you help an occupational accident injury patient?

An occupational accident injury patient is very much helpless. Out of 24 hours a day, many need more than 10 to 12 hours of care. You will have to keep them happy always so that they do not feel lonely.

We will have to treat them properly as they were the earning member of your family. Starting from feeding food to sanitization, they are needed to be taken care of. You can do the following things for his fast recovery:

  1. Give him new hope every day.
  2. Pay attention to him and chat with him.
  3. Give the patient his desired food.
  4. Give him medicine and pay visits to the doctor timely.
  5. Take him to nature so that he can refresh his mind through the fresh air.
  6. Do not yell or mock the patient because this will make his self-esteem low.
  7. A loved one should visit the victim as he will find peace in it.
  8. Last but not least, every family member and friend should pray for his recovery.


I hope this article helped you know the causes of workplace accidents and tips to prevent them.  Moreover, you have also got full information about assisting the victim lawfully, physically, and mentally.

All the above information will help you so much if you think you will not get support from your company after an accident. You can also tell it to your colleagues and other working members among your family and friends.

As all human beings have some fundamental rights, all the workers also have labor rights. They just need to be aware of it before joining at any workplace.

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