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Work Injury Lawyer

Work Injury Lawyer – it’s not as like a normal type of injury and its law is quite different than others. So if you come here to know everything about this and want to get in-depth knowledge on this topic, you’re coming to the right place. Just complete to read all of the articles. After completing this, you will get automatically all of your asking queries through this post.

Have you ever been injured at your workplace? If yes, then you surely know the pain and suffering one might go through after such an accident. The victims get physical and mental distress, lose their job, lose their monthly wages, and many more.

However, it is essential to contact a work injury lawyer at an instant to get compensation from the defaulter who is the boss of your company. Although you might not be satisfied with the amount, the expenses for your medical bills can come from it.

Take a moment to be with us and help you know about all the information in detail. But before that, let us know what exactly is a workplace injury.

What is Workplace Injury?

Some other names of workplace injuries are occupational accidents and accidents at work. If the employees of an organization or company go through serious injury while being in the workstation, it will be a workplace injury. Moreover, the result of this accident can be both personal injury and property loss or any one of them.

Sometimes people may be confused about work injury and personal injury. Not only that, they also can not take decision to which lawyer is the best for them to make a consultation. Don’t worry. Just know that, work injury is a sub sector of personal injury. So feel free to make a consultation with your Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary to get help from him/her.

According to a report of the International Labour Organization, more than 337 million injuries occur in the workplace every year. So, this is a significant loss for both the workers and companies. Furthermore, as an employee, it is essential to learn about all the employee rights so that all the workers can enjoy them at the right time.

However, nowadays, employers are taking different preventive measures to reduce such inconvenience rates at workstations.

Different Types of  Workplace Accident

Different types of accidents might take place in an unsafe working environment. But here we are going to talk about some of the most common types of accidents.


Most often, the employees are instructed to carry heavy materials in a box from one floor to another or from one place to another. And in many workstations, there is even no lift. Therefore, while making the transportation done, the workers may injury themselves by falling from the stairs.

Dropping Materials

The physical laborers are the one who mostly faces this consequence. This is because they are more likely to work in an under-construction building where heavy objects like brick, rod, and even hammer may fall from the upper floors. And if any of these materials drop on the head, spot death is confirmed.


There might be many corners in the workplace where there are slippery substances on the floor. Moreover, they are not appropriately wiped before all the employees come to the office. And due to this, the workers might fall due to completing the work early. As a result, they can go through severe muscle injuries.

Electronic Flaws

Different defects can be observed among the workers whose work is entirely computer or laptop-based. This is because they need to look into the electronic device for a long time with a minimal break. As a result, short circuits may occur without any invitation.

What to do After Workplace Injury?

You need to do a number of things if you are ever injured in your workstation. These actions of yours will help to get the compensation without any obstacle. Moreover, you can also prove that your wound took place while you were doing your office work.

Inform The Supervisor Immediately

Things might be complicated if you leave the place of your accident without informing the supervisor. Because when the police come for an investigation, he may deny the matter by saying that the victim did not complain.

Take A Snap

One of the most crucial proofs of your accident would be the picture of yours after the accident. This will prove the seriousness of your injury and the place where the accident occurred. Therefore, even if the company denied, they cannot help themselves.

File an Accident Case

As a victim, you need to file an accident report immediately, no matter if the injury is minor. Because you never know, it may turn into a major either with you or your colleagues. Moreover, filing a case can help you get compensation from the employer.

Take Proper Treatment

Do not wait for so long if the injury is severe. Get help from your colleagues for calling an ambulance. Afterward, visit a doctor to treat you correctly so that the short-term damage does not turn into long-term damage.

Store All The Bills

Depending on the type of injury, you need to visit the specialist and take the medicines. So, if the wound is severe, it will need more money to complete the treatment. And that is why you need to store all the bills to make the calculation of the compensation easy.

Can I Sue My Employer for Workplace Injury?

Yes, of course, you can sue your employer for a workplace injury because it is the utmost duty of an employer to provide a safe work zone for his employees. So, as he fails to fulfill his responsibilities toward his workers, he will be the defaulter if any employee is injured in his workplace.

Afterward, the employer is bound to give compensation for the pain and suffering of the victim. But if the victim dies on the spot, the judgment would be different.

Work Injury Lawyer

How Long After a Workplace Injury Can You Sue?

The sooner, the better. But in case if you are too sick that you cannot even file a lawsuit instant against your employer, you are given 2 years to claim even after the date of your accident. Moreover, if the injury seemed minor at that moment, but now the side-effects are flaunting, you can claim compensation.

However, our suggestion would be to file a report on the due time to avoid any inconvenience. For both physical and mental injury, you can sue your boss without any doubt.

How Much do I Get Paid If Injured at Work?

The answer to this question depends on the range of your salary and the type of your injury. Moreover, the doctor you visited will obviously give you a written documentation of the injury status that determines whether you are capable of working further or not. And after going through that, the right compensation amount will be chosen.

However, a company needs to pay about two-thirds of its income as compensation for the first three months.This can be about $ 20,000 to $ 180,000 for severe injury, $ 2,700 to $ 14,000 for minor injury.

Work Injury Lawyer

Most of the workplace injury is related to pain and suffering. And it is not easy to calculate the amount of compensation for this type of damage. However, contacting an experienced lawyer can make the task done quickly.

This is because the general people might not know what to include and how to do the calculation accurately.” Injury Lawyer of Calgary” has more than 20 years of experience as we deal with this matter now and then. You can rely on us without any tension, and we will surely build your trust in us.

Furthermore, your friends might not be beside you on your most challenging days, but a lawyer will never leave you alone for that moment.

The Final Verdict

The term workplace injury has become quite familiar to us as almost every day such reports are filed. But it would be wrong if it is said that the defaulters are always the company. Due to the carelessness of the employees, they can also be injured.

In this case, the importance of surveillance in a company is enormous. Through this, the real defaulter can be identified. Moreover, both the police and the lawyer want to look at the footage to take the case onward, especially if it is related to an accident.

However, you have already known the importance of hiring a work injury lawyer to get the appropriate justice by receiving compensation. So, feel free to discuss the issue with your lawyer to get the right suggestion.

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