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What Question to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What Question to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Are you in confusion about ruling out a top-notch personal injury lawyer for your case? Are you going through a hard time deciding what to look for? Well, do not worry anymore. We realize that since you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you are in some trouble. That is why to reduce your concern; we came up with a set of what questions to ask a personal injury lawyer.

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are someone we go to for our day-to-day troubles. Now just because you are going to them with your daily trouble doesn’t make them less essential.

In fact, these ordinary incidents can take unexpected turns, and your need for an excellent personal injury lawyer is a must. Before hiring a lawyer, you can consult them. And to make the best use of your consultation, you must make some preparations.

At first, do some background search on the lawyer you want to hire. That is, you will check the lawyer’s credentials. When you are sure about credentials, look out for feedbacks. For example, check what their previous clients say about them.

If you are satisfied with their reviews, then you can be positive about the lawyer. However, before you walk in, you need to sort out what else you need to know. Thus, we are here with the top 09 questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.

Top 09 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Note the series of top 10 questions to ask your personal injury lawyer. That is because we only want the best for you, and you should not miss out on anything.

1. Do You Specialize in Personal Injury Law?

At first, start with the basics, like the lawyers’ specialization. Specialization is a necessity because only an expert will know all the loopholes. Not just any lawyer can make sure that you or the injured party is getting what they deserve.

It is the lawyers’ job to prove that defendant tried or harmed you intentionally. And believe it or not, it is not an easy job. When someone hurts you intentionally, it is evident that s/he will try to tamper or hide the evidence.  All these make the job a lot harder right? Thus, always look for a specialized lawyer.

2. Have you handled personal injury cases like mine before?

There is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect. The old saying is very applicable when it comes to handling cases. That is because when a lawyer has been there before, s/he knows what and how the events may turn. As a result, the lawyer gets to prepare your case from the previous experiences. That gives you the edge over your opponent.

Another thing is, you will get to know the lawyers’ success rate in similar cases. Of course, a high success rate implies that the lawyer knows well how to handle these cases. Believe it or not, when you will see the lawyer’s success rate, you will get a sense of confidence.

When you feel confident, every outcome of the situation will get better. That is why it is better to hire a lawyer with previous similar experiences, even though not a necessity. So do not forget to ask!

3. How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial? Were they successful?

In general, around five percent of all personal injury cases go to trial. And it is undoubtedly a small number. However, personal injury cases get really tricky once they get into the trial. Even though most personal injury lawyers settle their cases without proceeding for trials, all of them have gone through some.

Know the numbers and results. Besides, try to understand whether or not those were needed. That is because you need to trust your injury lawyer the most. If you cannot have faith in your lawyers’ steps, that would be an issue.

Thus, know your facts and understand your lawyer correctly. Everyone has different styles; make sure you are comfortable with your lawyers’ style. You don’t want any issues within your team. Therefore, make sure you are comfortable with your lawyers’ plan.

4. How often will you be communicating with me about my case?

The communication frequency between lawyer and client differs according to the case. Case in point, personal injury lawyers need to communicate with their clients a lot, especially during the cases. That is why you must have a communication routine. In the beginning, your lawyer will give you instructions about how to proceed.

During this period, h/she will frequently contact you at least once a day. Thus, it is better to set a particular time to reach during the day. As a result, you will remain free, and there will remain no chance of missing the call.

After that, for few weeks, things will remain inert. However, when your case reaches a point from where things cannot change a lot is the point when your lawyer will jump in again.

It is when s/he will need to contact you frequently again. Therefore, in this stage, you will again have to adjust to a routine. Consequently, it would be best to ask these questions initially to have a good idea of moving forward.

5. Who will answer my questions as the process moves forward?

If you are contacting a lawyer from a law firm, you may ask this. That is because sometimes, in law firms, more than one lawyer is involved in a case. As your case proceeds, the case may shift from one lawyer to another, depending on their specialties and expertise. However, you will remain informed about the progress. Thus, you will have to contact them accordingly.

Regarding this issue, make sure that the firm will not involve other lawyers for their benefit. That is because big firms get benefits through involving as many lawyers in one case.

Hence, you will have to know whether your case actually needs all these lawyers or it is for the firm’s benefit. Thus, ask these questions and make sure they are honest.

6. How long does it typically take to resolve a case like mine?

Asking this is reasonable because continuing a case is expensive. However, this is not a lawyer’s responsibility alone. You will have to cooperate as well.  Hence, do the procedures quickly as the lawyer asks.

Even though the timeframe of your case is not alone your lawyer’s duty, an experienced lawyer will provide you with an approximate timeframe. Not only a specific timeline, but an experienced lawyer will also know how to proceed to reach the finish line quickly.

Believe it or not, when you know that the case might end in this time, you will have the dive to fight harder. Losing interest in lengthy cases is a common problem. You don’t want that with your own case.

7. How many cases are you currently handling?

It is an essential question to ask. That is because if the lawyer is handling a lot of cases, you may think before handing him your case. Everyone has their limits, and an excellent lawyer knows them too.

If s/he is handling more than s/he can take, s/he will let you know and refer to someone else. Remember, this is not about how good a lawyer is. In fact, a good lawyer will not take more than s/he can take to ensure top-notch service.

Often clients are reluctant to ask these questions, but they should. These simple questions will help you to realize the lawyer’s integrity. Hence, do not feel reluctant and ask questions.

8. Can I get references from past clients?

Always ask this question, and f the lawyer hesitates, it’s bad news. A good lawyer will feel confident about their portfolio. With old references, you will be able to compare all the scenarios with your own.

You can compare time, costs, situations, etc. As a result, you will get a clear idea. Besides, you will gather a sense of trust from previous references. And when you have faith, you have a different kind of strength to fight back the situations.

Hence, ask your lawyer. It is good if he is cooperative, and if he is not, there is no need to move forward with him.

9. Have you ever been suspended from the practice of law or faced?

Now knowing this is essential because a lawyer may face this at a point in his career. However, why he has been through it is necessary. If he has been out of his line, it is better not to associate with him. That is because there is no guarantee that he would not do that again.

Besides, such impulsive behavior will affect your case as well. Therefore, it is wise to go for lawyers with a clean record.


Choosing a lawyer for your case is a delicate job. You should handle it carefully. Therefore, it is better to plan out what questions to ask a personal injury lawyer before handing him over your case.

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