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A credentialed lawyer since 1968, Anthony is no stranger to the courtroom. He’s been involved in thousands of cases argued at trial throughout the nation. He’s argued all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada. 1,300 of his cases have been reported in leading law journals.

He has won numerous awards, including:

  • The Queen’s Decoration (1976)
  • The Canadian Long Service Medal (1984)
  • The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Decoration (2002)
  • The Saskatchewan Centennial Medal (2005)
  • The Decoration of Honor in Silver by the Nation of Austria (2006)
  • Two Eagle Feathers by First Nations in recognition of work on behalf of Indigenous peoples. In 2008, was made an Honorary Chief in a War Bonnet Adoption as a member of the Black Foot Confederacy under the name of Aah-pha su-oy, Flanking Warrior
  • Is the Honorary Consul in Saskatchewan for Austria, and was selected Dean of the Saskatchewan Consular Corps.

He has been involved in major cases:

  • Led in the historic 2006 Indian Residential School Settlement and the 2016 Indian Status Discrimination Against Women suit.
  • Led the 60s Scoop “Adopt Indian” litigation.
  • Led lawsuits against Montreal Lake, Ile-a-la-Crosse, and other Metis Residential Schools.
  • Led in the Alberta Indian Card action.
  • Did historic work regarding indigenous Welfare Seizures.
  • Has been involved in work regarding murdered and missing Aboriginal Women.
  • Has represented numerous corporations and individuals throughout the course of his career.

Has published numerous papers, including:

  • “Class Actions in the Construction Industry in Canada,” Construction Law Reports, Fourth Series, Vol. 16, Part 2, February 2013.
  • “Lawyers’ Fees and Trend,” Osgoode Professional Development,
  • “Predominance: Classless, even with Canadian Makeover,” Développements Récents En Recours Collectifs, 2010, V 327, Barreau de Quebec, P47.
  • Child Custody Practice and Procedures, (Carswell), publication in July 2006
  • Canadian Institute – Predicting Where Causation is Headed, February 2016
  • Suggestions for Practitioners – Child Support Guidelines Reference Manual, Department of Justice, September 1997
  • “Uncertainty: Custody Support Mobility – The Plight of Family Law,” Canadian Family Law Quarterly, September 1997.
  • “Introduction to Battle, Child Custody Law and Practice”, VI, 1994, Ch 24, Child Custody and Practice, Carswell, 1995
  • “Risible Compensation for the Dead Child,” Journal of Motor Vehicle Law, 1995, p. 37
  • “The Bankruptcy Dodge,” Family Law Quarterly, V9, 1993, Sept. P162
  • “The Support of Rights of Children Born Outside of Marriage,” Family Law Quarterly, V7, #3, May 19, 1991
  • “Proposals Relating to Matrimonial Property Legislation,” Family Law Quarterly, V5, #2, May 1991, P65

He has also been honored for his numerous community, philanthropic, business, and political accomplishments. He’s a former member of the Saskatchewan Legislature and a former radio and television interviewer. In short, you couldn’t ask for a more qualified lawyer to oversee your personal injury case.

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