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Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

After facing a motorcycle accident, the 1st question that will strike your mind is, “Is it worth hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer?”

Well, in short, you must hire one immediately after facing one. It just doesn’t matter if it is a minor or major one because, after all, an accident is an accident. In several cases, a study found that many injuries that seem minor can take a major turn, such as severe hidden injuries (internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, etc.)

Due to the lack of not knowing the proper answer, many people don’t hire and later regret their decision. If you don’t want to be on that list and want a stress-free situation, go through the article with patience.

It will answer all the vital queries, starting from hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer to how they can be a great help to you.

Is It Worth Hiring a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what the future has in store for you. The same goes for the accident; they are so uncertain that no one knows it will happen to them. Besides, you will find yourself in a less challenging situation as a lawyer will always guide you in every step.

That’s why the best is to hire an experienced lawyer as they can be our only savior in such a catastrophic time—starting from doing all the paperwork to fighting the case and helping to get the rightful compensation.

What Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Not a day passes that you don’t hear a motorcycle accident hasn’t occurred in any part of the world. That’s why we see that the death toll and injury rate increase without taking any break.

These accidents are so severe that it makes people either paralyzed for the rest of the life or even can take a valuable life. Unfortunately, it has become a common scenario in our daily life.

Not only that, after facing an accident, the next thing that you and your family will find themselves in is a fight between the insurance company and the fault- party regarding the compensation.

It has the harsh reality of life that you need to encounter no matter how physically and mentally you are broken.

So What to Do in Such a Situation, and Who Can Help Me?

Well, in this situation, the person who can help you is an experienced lawyer. S/he is the only person you can rely on as they know the exact step and strategy to win against the competitor.

They will do all the paperwork, collect evidence from the spot, withness statement, accurate compensation estimation, negotiate with the insurance companies to the end. And if needed, they will fight for you in court.

No one can handle such a situation as precisely as a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. Their only goal will be to get you the justice and compensation that you truly deserve.

What is the Biggest Cause of Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are so common, and they usually take place due to several reasons.

Almost all the causes are avoidable, just needed awareness among people. While some are destined to happen, and no one can stop them from happening.

There exist several reasons behind a motorcycle accident taking place. And, in reality, it is hard to tell any specific reason that may be the exact reason behind causing that accident because anything can cause it.

We have noted down a list of the 8 biggest causes that play a vital role in motorcycle accidents. Let’s check them out, so you get a glimpse of what are leading these accidents to happen so often:

Lane Change

Changing lanes is one of the common reasons for causing over 25-30% of motorbike accidents every year. Although it may seem normal, most of us have the habit of changing the direction without warning. As a result, these simple mistakes can lead to life-threatening accidents.

Left Turn

Taking a left turn on a motorcycle is a tricky job and not a piece of cake for everyone. Hence, if you don’t have the required experience and guidance, there is a high chance of getting involved in motorcycle accidents.


One of the extremely bad habits of the motorbiker is they like to drive by crossing their speed limit. In fact, many think it is a cool thing to break the laws by driving at high speed.

But in reality, along with breaking the laws, they are putting their precious lives along with others at risk as at any time they can get into a severe accident.

After considering various crucial factors, the government has made the laws, so don’t break them. Instead, respect and follow them if you want a safe journey.

Dangerous Roads

No matter how much experience or a good rider you are, if the road is damaged and poorly maintained, then there is always a high rate of accidents in that area. As you will not be able to keep your grip which will ultimately lead to an unfortunate accident.

That’s why it is better to avoid these places for safety purposes. The government should also ban the vehicle’s movement until the road is fixed properly.

Faulty Vehicles

It is never a wise decision to ride a faulty vehicle as an accident is bound to happen by this vehicle at any moment. So if you see any defective parts, repair them right away and always check before going out.

Many people don’t check, and even if they check, they don’t repair it within time, which eventually ends up taking their lives or injuring themselves badly.


One should never drive under the influence of any drugs as at that time; they will lose full control of their body and mind. And driving in these states has a high chance of causing an accident by harming you and others around you.

Furthermore, driving under the influence of any drug is illegal and can cause you jail and fines if caught.

Bad Weather Conditions

During bad weather, the roads become wet and slippery, which is quite risky to drive a motorcycle at that time. Moreover, different statistics also prove that rainy weather has a higher accident rate than all other weather conditions.


Some people have the habit of driving a motorcycle without having any experience. As a result, if such a person drives on busy roads or highways, it is pretty sure they are bound to get into an accident.

Consequences of a Motorcycle Accident

The severity of motorcycle crashes is more compared to the car accident. The reason behind this is while riding a motorcycle; our body remains in an exposed and unsecured state.

As a result, they tend to be more serious and, in most cases, require long-term treatment. And what’s worse, they can even make one paralyzed temporarily or permanently, changing their whole life.

Let’s have a look at the below consequences that one faces after facing a motorcycle accident:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Facial Breaks and Cuts
  • Broken Or Fractured Bones/Ankles/Hands
  • Severe Bruises, Scratches
  • Wrongful Death
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Nerve Injury
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Long-Term Disability

All of the stated injuries are the major one that needs immediate treatment. Otherwise, the more you will delay, the higher the chances of turning serious.

That’s why the best is to see a doctor for taking medical treatment right away after encountering an accident. Even if it seems a minor one, still visit as you never know you can develop hidden injuries which are more severe.

It will be a tough call for a normal person to pay for all the costs. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will get your deserving compensation and justice. So to avoid facing such hassles, hire a top-rated lawyer to fight your case and lessen your pressure.

How Can a Lawyer Assist in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

After encountering a motorcycle accident, it is your legal right to get the rightful compensation and justice. But if, by chance, you fall into the wrong hands, then there is a high possibility that you will not get what you deserve. Instead, along with fault-party, the insurance companies will try to deprive your rights by telling stories that you don’t deserve this compensation.

So the person who can help you at these disastrous times of your need is a motorcycle accident lawyer as s/he will have the exact knowledge and skills to help and guide you in every step. Let’s take a look at the list of things that a lawyer can help in a motorcycle accident case:

Collecting Evidence

The 1st thing that a lawyer will do after hiring is they will start gathering evidence as much as possible to prove that the accident happened due to the other party’s fault. Such as they will go to the accident s spot, talk and take the witness statements (if any), check the CCTV footage, etc. All these will act as strong proof to make your case grounds stronger.

Making An Accurate Estimation

It is a vital step in making your motorcycle accident claims. Failure to make an exact one will end up in getting you minimal compensation. It is when a lawyer can play a crucial role by making a precise estimation of all your damages, wounds, medical treatment, etc.

All the other parties will try to lessen it. But a lawyer with his knowledge will make the legal compensation that you will deserve. They will basically work with all the ins and outs of the case by providing all the essential details that you need to follow and consider.


One of the toughest jobs after facing an accident is dealing with the insurance companies and fault parties. A lawyer can help in finalizing the best deals by keeping your rights and interests in mind.

Always Remember: The insurance companies’ main goal is to pay you less, and for that, they will try their level best to manipulate and convince you in every way possible.

But at that time, if you have a lawyer beside you, they will not be able to do their way as the lawyer will never negotiate with something that will be an injustice for you.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You?

A motorcycle lawyer is your best friend and savior in one of the most disastrous situations of life. Nothing can be worse than facing a severe motorcycle accident.

You will naturally be in a traumatic state. But right after that, you will need to deal with a huge pile of medical expenses, negotiating with the insurance companies, and fighting the case.

At that time, the only reliable person is an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. That’s why to ease the situation for you, we have come with a team of top-rated lawyers that have experience in dealing with all types of cases. No matter how complicated the case is, our lawyer has their strategy to rescue you and help you get the right justice.

Our top priority is our clients, and protecting their rights and interests is our number 1 job. For this reason, we try to crack the best deals for our clients right from scratch to the end of the case. If we want a specific answer, then check the below list that we do and follow for all cases:

  • Do all the paperwork
  • Investigate the case thoroughly, right from inspecting accident spot to taking with police and witnesses
  • Stay with our client from the start to the end
  • Make a precise compensation estimation that you deserve
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies and fault-parties
  • If needed, they will even drag the case and will fight for you in court

We understand our client’s worries and pains. As a result, our lawyers are always there 24/7 to help both online and offline. So our clients don’t face any problems contacting us. You can call us at (403) 669-3393 or e-mail us at whenever you need our help.

To Conclude

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most dangerous accidents that one can encounter, and the after result are more hazardous, especially if it is a major one. Many injuries may seem minor but later can turn into serious ones due to the lack of treatment and failure to take the right decision within time.

That’s why the best is to see a doctor and hire a lawyer immediately after encountering the accident. These 2 acts of yours can save you and your family from facing several problems and hassles.

So, the answer to “Is it worth hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer?” is definitely a big yes, and you will never regret it. Above all, you will find yourself in a much relaxing situation as the lawyer will take the burden from you on themselves.

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