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How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim without a Lawyer

How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim without a Lawyer

It is always possible to settle your injury claim without hiring a lawyer. Especially when your injury is minor, and the opposite sides fault is quite clear, it can save your money. As if you hire a legal adviser  and get the compensation you have to provide one-third of your award to the lawyer as fees.

Let’s know How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim without a Lawyer

If you are comfortable in gathering information to support your claim, negotiating with the insurance company, then probably you don’t need the assistance of a legal adviser.

In this writing, I will talk about how to settle a personal injury claim without a lawyer.

Before deciding the matters that are you going to represent yourself, consider the following two-

  • If your injury is minor, then the insurance company won’t fight much over the amount. But be cautious! With the incitement of damages, the insurance company’s negotiation will rise. They will try to reduce the amount as much as possible.
  • In your case, the other party will be at fault. If you have enough evidence, police reports, witnesses to prove it, then it will be an easy case for you. But if your testimony is not clearly saying who was at fault, it will be difficult for you to handle.

Important Tips

  • Take picture or video of the damaged property, injury scene, and your injuries
  • Collect one copy of police reports
  • Get copies of your all medical records and bills
  • Be aware of the time limits for your claim
  • Don’t provide any recorded statement to other party’s insurance

Estimate Your Damages

Generally, there are two types of damages. One which can be calculated precisely called special damages and another one which can’t be calculated accurately called general costs.

Special Damages

Special damages include property damage, such as- the cost of replacing your car after the accident. It also includes medical bills. Your present treatment cost and future treatment cost for that incident all include in the medical damage.

Loss of Earnings

It is another special damage. It includes how much money did you lost, is losing, and will close for the accident. It contains actual hospital stay along with missed work because of doctor’s visit and therapy.

General Damages

This one includes the pain and suffering and mental distress you have suffered due to the accident.

Court has some factors to value your pain and suffering. Such as- recovery time, the severity of the injury and scar, criminal record, etc.

Sending Demand Letter to the Insurance Company

It is preferable to send demand only after knowing the exact impact of the injury all over your life. You should make a reasonable valuation of your claim.

In one demand letter, you should include-

  • Exactly why the insurance carrier is liable
  • Full description of your injury and resulting medical treatment
  • Your financial losses as a result of the accident
  • Any other damages you have bear, such as- pain and suffering.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

If the insurance company’s offer is satisfactory, accept it. If you are not satisfied, arrange until you get the expected amount. But be polite, reasonable, explain your story. Remember, you want a fair settlement for that you have to show clear liability and records of all your injuries.


From the above part, it may become clear to you how you can settle your injury claim. But there are lots of pitfalls in the whole process. Take every step after careful observation.

Only when the injury is minor, and you have strong evidence against the other party do it by yourself. For other cases, I will suggest you hire a lawyer to get faster results and desired compensation.


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