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Civil Law vs Criminal Law: Key Differences

Civil Law vs Criminal Law: Key Differences

The law is divided into two categories: civil law and criminal law. Conflicts between private parties are governed by civil law. Such as- individuals or organizations. In contrast, crimes and frauds against the government are supervised by criminal law. Keeping that in mind, malpractice and negligence are common civil law cases. On the flip side- assault, battery, arson, and murder are standard criminal charges. What to learn more? Read on this civil law vs criminal law discussion. You will know- what is the difference between criminal and civil law along with similarities. What is Criminal Law? A crime is deemed as an offence against society...

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How To Get a Criminal Case Dismissed?

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed Featured Image

If you have ever been charged with any criminal case, you might undergo the trial process. A criminal case can always cost you lengthy imprisonment, fines, or criminal records. Sometimes, while dealing with your case, all those strategies may seem difficult to you. However, knowing how to get a criminal case dismissed can save you from these extra hassles. In this article, you’ll know how to dismiss a case and how a criminal defense lawyer can help you in this regard. First, let’s know about different types of case dismissals. Forms of Criminal Case Dismissals: Generally, there are certain facts about the criminal case dismissals....

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